UFO filmed over Kuban, Russia 21-Nov-2011

UFO sightings – This strange formation of lights was seen and recorded in the night sky above Kuban in Southern Russia on Monday, 21st November 2011.

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  1. Firstly i'd like to say, if this was a ufo, to prove it's existence why couldn't you show us the land around you and maybe some stars in the sky? It looked too fake to me. And when someone uses a camera outdoors you don't normally see the flash being used! and you can really see a flash and the sound of a camera.

  2. i dont believe it i think its probobley astroids<br />in space hurdling past the planet and it just happened to be close enough to see it

  3. Asteroids? Okay while I agree that without anything else in the video to contrast the objects too, this may be a fake. But come on… To even suggest those are asteroids is preposterous.

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