Sunday Night Football UFO video, New Orleans 23-Oct-2011 – Update

One of our readers caught some strange fast craft in the sky during Sunday Night Football game between Colts and Saints in New Orleans on 23rd October 2011.

18th November 2011 Update:
NBC Sunday night football UFO identified?

The apparent multiple UFOs flying in the sky of New Orleans during the NFL football game between New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts broadcasted in NBC had brought media’s attention. Many observers initially think that the objects were coming from outer space and that aliens maybe onboard on the flying objects. However, this supposed UFOs sighting has been debunked by the one who was responsible in making the video.
When NBC returned its broadcast after a commercial break, it showed a 29-second shot of the historic St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans. This kind of shot is normally run in any sporting event to give viewers a glance on the host city. Keen viewers noticed something flying across the sky and one of the home viewers videotaped the footage of the NBC and slowed it down. It initially appeared that the footage had captured UFOs.
NBC cameraman R.D. Willis stopped the UFOs speculations and explained that what had happened was the product of the time-lapse video technique. Willis explained that as he moved and manipulated his Nikon Still DSLR camera with a computer controlled pan head and dolly, his series of still images seem more like real time motion.
The 30-second footage was a product of Willis’ various still images which was actually taken for more than an hour. Willis said that the apparent UFOs were actually airplanes passing across the sky while taking still images and because of the precise repetitive nature of his camera support rig, one plane appeared like UFO streaking through the sky. It turns out that what the viewers saw was a time lapse footage shot with a dolly rig. (c) 2011
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  1. I&#39;ve seen a few of these videos and I find them all very credible. This object moves too quickly to be a plane or an insect or a Chinese lantern. When slowed down, it shows something that looks like a disk with lights that changes shapes. <br />There&#39;s been many reports of UFOs appearing at Air Shows, so why not sporting events?<br /><br />Very good observation skills for those who

  2. These are very good videos, thanks for submitting these.<br />The last object performs a nice pull out of a dive at an incredible velocity. <br /><br />Nice catch x 3 🙂

  3. This is just too unbelievable!!! (but I believe it to be true!) At least THREE UFOS within 30 seconds….right behind a church?? On live TV….Sunday Night Football?? TPTB WANT us to wake up and REALIZE they are HERE

  4. Looks like a camera flare to me. Probably the cam guy at the stadium got a flare in the lens from some of the stadium lights. The distance from the camera means a very small angle of movement needed to cause this rapid movement. Could also be that some stadium lights were reflected onto something moving, like someone carrying something with a shiny surface reflecting some lights into the camera

  5. The video appears to be time lapse photography which makes everything look like its traveling at a high rate of speed and blurs the image. So could be planes passing by with the image distorted. But if not, then very interesting.

  6. come on people, the video is from the same guy at the same house. And if you compare the first one to the second one , you&#39;ll see that the object does not line up. Like a big discrepancy between the two . I didn&#39;t even bother with the third.

  7. I live in New Orleans:<br />1. Not time lapse photography. Look at the fence in the foreground. It is a moving pan. Therefore, not a blimp.<br />2. We do not have a &#39;stadium&#39;; we have a Superdome; which is about over a mile away from the St. Louis Cathedral. <br />I seriously have no logical explanation for this video at this time…

  8. I told you it was time lapse, with a rig to pan the camera to look like real time.<br /><br />This page won&#39;t let me paste it in, but it&#39;s at Huffington Post.

  9. Olan said that in the sercond half of clip if you watch it frame by frame the object flits by three more times Time laps my———-

  10. Time lapse video would explain the speed of the craft. However, it doesn&#39;t explain the incredible size of the craft. Where this video is shot from is about 100 yards in front of the Cathedral.(give or take a little bit) The angle of the shot is somewhere around 30-35 degrees. Based on where the craft passed the steeple its either less than 150 feet off the ground in which case it would be

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