UFO phenomenon filmed over Ripon, Wisconsin 15-Nov-2011

Latest UFO sightings – This video UFO activity was recorded in the sky over Ripon in Wisconsin on Tuesday, 15th November 2011.
Witness report: In response to another case reported from neenah/winnebago area-case# 33373- Ufo’s were visible from Ripon wisconsin as well. Also appeared to be in the western direction and not too far in the distance. I’ve been starbathing for about 6 years now with much video proof of many activities in my area, as well as objects on the ground, and in my tree-60 feet off front porch which i may send that video for you too, another time. These particular objects I have gotten on video basically doing the same thing in 2009-for 3 days, with our lovely military doing there best to chase them with 7 or 8 fighter jets. This time no jets, but the scenario is the same-lights open up in the sky, craft comes out, and lights fade out. The last time i caught it on video it was lighter and you can make out shiny spheres in the video that would light up a little bit when they accelerated or changed direction abruptly. Too dark to make that out this time but what came out definetly strobed kind of like a plane but different kind of light. I missed four of them for sure when i turned and ran to get the camera, possibly more when i was out of sight, but for sure the first four i saw i didnt get, but could still see blinkys when i got back.

1.where was I? at home
2.how did i notice? giant lights in the sky-kinda hard to miss
3.what did i think? uhhh-cameras thatta way—->
4.description? some kind of transportation
5.my feelings? I see so much that i dont get emotional
6.how lose sight? bright holes went away and blinkys scattered
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. These light were real. I saw them that night driving from Eureka to Berlin. There were more then he was able to record. We even stopped the car to watch but it only lasts like 3 to 4 minutes total. At least what we saw.

  2. I saw the same thing on the 16th and 17th just south of Ripon in Waupun WI, on my commute home from Madison. Pretty freaky stuff

  3. Hello I am from Oshkosh Wisconsin and my Mother and I heard Jets flying around on that night and I looked outside and didn't see anything but a lot of lights which I assumed were just planes but it is weird that it happened on the same night. This evidence?

  4. this event had me so startled, I also saw strange lights over ripon wi. on the 15th, around 5 pm and 9 miles south of ripon was stunned as i stepped outside to watch 5 to 7 fighter jets flying around this was approx. 9pm. they were so low that i was wondering what on earth was going on. I am really curious as to what the gov or state says as to why all these jet fighters were flying around that

  5. My girlfriend and i were on our way home from FDL to Ripon, and saw these come and go for about 5minutes. i saw them the two following nights on my way home from work. i tried to get my phone out to take a video and they were gone. im glad someone captured the event on video. this video was the last time i saw them. Really incredible! I never thought i would witness something like this.

  6. On Thursday night November 17 at about 6:00 pm my Husband and I were on our way to Red Granite. We were just west of Wautoma, WI. when I looked up and saw the lights. They were all in a row. Before I could tell my Husband what I was looking at they were gone. They lasted for about 4 or 5 seconds. I thought I was seeing some sort of reflection. I feel better knowing I wasn't the only one that

  7. I saw the lights too but i think it was on the 18th. I was driving to work through the Marytown area and saw them off in the west. Very strange. Glad I wasn't the only one to see them.

  8. I also saw these lights coming home from work on Nov. 16. At 5:00 pm I was driving west on Hwy 23 and came to Riggs County Park. Right above town I saw these 3 orange/red lights appear in sequence horizontally above Ripon. Then they slowly, one by one disappeared. It was dusk but still pretty light. I didn't see any aircraft like what was suggested in the newspaper. I also reported to the

  9. I also saw some lights in the sky around mid november. I live in sun prairie. didn't have a camera to zoom and see if it was triangle formation or not. lasted about thirty seconds moving upwards. wasn't a plane as it wasn't blinking. a couple weeks later saw a triangle formation one in deforest which was soon followed by fighter jets chasing it down

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