Triangle-shaped UFO over Blackstone, Virginia – November 2011

Latest UFO sightings – This triangle-shaped formation was photographed in the sky above Blackstone, Virginia this month (in November 2011).
Witness report: well i reckon the army was havin war games, nothing out of ordinary there.. they were using tracer mortar rounds n they were falling in the same somewhat triangular pattern. however the picture that was taken was over the city outside of the base.. i caught a glimpse on the way back from the convenience store. there was a triangular pattern of lights, but it was a perfect triangle pattern, and a different color from the mortar tracers, and i caught this over the town. i do not know if this was just a stray round that somehow made it out of the base, or if it is more significant than that.. i just figured its worth putting on here
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  1. When people write fake!!Do they mean photoshop manipulation things or what..Not many here on Lufos are faking!! I mean why should anyone fake in these times,when 1000`s n 1000`s of video/mobiletapes taken daily..We`ve had the full proof for many years(some of us)nomore fakes.U still see fakes on Utube,kids make them alot..Goodnight to ALL Earthlings

  2. I'm just curious where the pic was taken from…in the bottom left of the shot is some sort of reflection in a car mirror?…male with mustache in right of reflection. Based on the size of the mirror and size of the lights, the alleged sighting is either huge or close to the photographer, zoom in and check it out……email thoughts

  3. I've seen the same object in West-Poland few years ago in the spring/summer evening. It has been moving slowly and noiseless behind the soft clouds until it dissapeared.. the lights were formed in a perfect triangle.. it was my only ufo(?)-sighting..

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