UFO hovering above Medellin, Colombia? 6-Nov-2011

LUFOS – New UFO video of some kind of oval object with lights on it. This was recorded in Medellin, Colombia on Sunday, 6th November 2011.

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  1. hahahaha that's not a UFO.. I saw the news….it a kite with colored lights..it was solved the next day..the kite's owner was laughing his ass of

  2. What does it mean when people vote real or fake?? I mean what should be fake in this Medellin video?? Its completely and very very clear real ufo/s..So how and WHY does anyone click fake????Dont understand?How STUPID can they be??WAKE UP,for ur own good

  3. After this happened the guy that was using the kite he made with the color lights felt bad and went to the news station and showed the kite… so this is not an UFO

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