UFO activity over Moscow, Russia 5-Nov-2011

Latest UFO sightings – Unknown bright objects were seen and recorded in the sky over Moscow in Russia on 5th November 2011 around 9 pm.

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  1. Beautiful beautiful spaceships from outthere somewhere..They make big shows alover the planet these weeks/month/years.Its a statement and a prove to the Earthslings in denial..Not possible to not believe anymore,even to the worst of skeptics-I say YEAHHHH finally-known this for 40years now-saw my first ship in 73,and many since then-thank U

  2. We examined spaceships allready around 60years ago bro-WAKE UP.Dont comment if u have nothing to say please..Everything is obvious..No fakes(not interesting anymore

  3. A chinese lantern!? You are obviously Trolling,and not in a very original way.<br /><br />Anyway, good video, interesting shot at around 1:14, when the viewer zooms in, the object appears to have two flashing lights on protrusions on its sides.

  4. Obviously somebody never saw a chinese lantern..Im living i Thailand and see these lanterns all the time..And these ufos are TOTALLY different-Wauw u need glasses dude

  5. These are the same lights that have been seen all over the planet, same colouring,same movement and same type of survalance. Usually over areas that have the potential for high damage from some natural or celestial force. Are they mapping it for the archives?…Watch out, be prepared it comes soom.

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