Daytime UFO activity over North Hollywood, California 28-Dec-2011

Latest UFO Sightings – This footage of bright unknown object flying in the sky above North Hollywood in California. Recorded on Wednesday, 28th December 2011.

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  1. wow unless this thing is a digital glitch or fabrication-id like to see someone debunk this-from the looks of it i have no explination,i belive its visitors untill someone puts up a good case that its otherwise-either way i like this one good find-matt_bpd

  2. Wow, that is something! At least it's valid to say this object in question is definitely unusual and difficult to classify. It almost looks like those bunches of lights from some of those UFO videos captured in Russia, right? Lately people don't seem to know the difference between a UFO and an airplane or a lantern but THIS is really interesting!

  3. Ok I'll give you this, it looks interesting. But alas its just a bunch of silver painted balloons reflecting the sunlight and floating up and away!

  4. Great catch my friend &amp; thank you for sharing.<br /><br />I originally thought it was a reflection of the sun on a bubble or balloon BUT after enhancing &amp; measuring angles, refraction &amp; reflection it became obvious the light source IS from the object itself &amp; wow what a light source it is, incredibly intense, I could NOT measure it &amp; neither did it contain all bandwidths.<br /

  5. I just love the way some weigh in with a broadbanded comment such as balloons it&#39;s a no brainer, why dismiss something so insincerely that with just a little effort you too can determine that the light source is NOT a natural light nor is it a reflection.<br />One does not have to be a physicist to determine that just a bit of curiosity, if you like down playing others, imagine how much you&#

  6. Its completly real as I saw the exact samething down the coast two days later. If you did not see this you can dream up all kinds of explanations.

  7. Yes it is a ufo, can you identify it, no then it is a ufo. What is then, do you know, where you there. And do not try to overwhelm us with a barrage of junk that does that just makes your case weaker.

  8. Mylar balloon – probably just one. The extreme zoom (as indicated by the cable which occasionally appears) and atmospheric refraction combine to give sunlight reflecting off a silver Mylar balloon an &quot;other worldly&quot; appearance.

  9. What&#39;s it going to take for anyone here to believe what&#39;s &quot;real&quot; when you see it with your own eyes….probably for an extraterrestrial to land on the front lawn, walk out and up to you and shake hands, but you&#39;d still think it&#39;s fake, I&#39;m sure! I believe you , I got a couple of the same, and I&#39;m in California too….seems they like the weather on this coast:)

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