Man captures glowing UFO in the sky over Swansea, Massachusetts 8-Dec-2011

“Ric Oliveria walked out of a local pub last Friday night after a single drink and saw something in the sky that he calls “disturbing.”

His cell phone captured lights in the sky moving slowly in a northward direction. Before he could get his cell phone out to shoot the video, however, Oliveria says he saw what appeared to be a very large object in the sky that made him feel uneasy.

“It was glowing red like nothing I had ever seen glow red. It was huge… I would say it was 20-30 feet in depth,” says Oliveria.
“The next thing you know [his friend] says, ‘Look another one!’ and that one went over us. I didn’t see it directly over us, but we saw it shooting off and then it seemed to stop and dance over the cooling towers. That’s the video that has become so infamous.”
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  1. now that sounds like a good time , girls+party&lighting off chinese lanterns,these girls are just my speed wer have they been my whole life-matt_bpd

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