Mysterious lights filmed over Russia by many witnesses 23-Dec-2011

Latest UFO sightings – These videos of mysterious lights were recorded in Russia on Friday, 23rd December 2011 by 5 different witnesses on 5 different locations. 

What do you think this phenomenon was?

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  1. Hehheh-dude..These metalballs are only 35cm i diameter,,soo guess again..These are surely ships of some kind..Not from Earth clearly…Cool to see it from different angels..They are here to tell us something and we need that badly on Earth..I welome them..

  2. Strange : the object always moves the same direction, whatever the observation point. This is only possible if:<br />- the object is quite far from all the observation point<br />- it could not be observed from any point symmetric from this object (for instance, moving above a desertic place).<br /><br />So, on definitely needs to know from where it was observed.

  3. this is a big WOW ! <br />to me it looks like a ship out beyond the earths atmosphere thus resulting in the distortion ,it is seen more readily due to suns reflection and if this is the case and is real then this thing has got to be hundreds of miles in diameter <br />hopefully we will see Jaimie Maussan do a summary of this soon

  4. I saw something last night…. It looked like a blur flying across the sky but when it come into clear sky I can see that its what two lights rotating each other around a disk shape object headed towards Andrews AFB. It was indeed stealth it almost was invisable if u didn&#39;t focus on it… But once in the clear sky I could see it well it was two lights rotating the lights were dim and almost a

  5. aim for the vent hole! this is a new type to me,ther seems to be some type of force field on this one,cant beat multiple witnesses its gota be somthing-matt_bpd

  6. This was observed over Chelyabinsk? Historically there have been multiple accounts of radiation clouds observed over the city from nearby nuclear plants and associated radioactive pollution … not trying to discount the sighting, but something to consider …

  7. ive never seen anything like that before! ive seen hundreds of ufo vids. it&#39;s either a fantastically elaborate hoax, which i myself doubt, or a visitor! like a weird big eye with soft fuzz around it.

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