Triangle UFO over Connecticut 8-Dec-2011

UFO sightings – This triangle-shaped craft was recorded hovering in the sky over Connecticut on Thursday, 8th December 2011.
Witness report: I see these things every night. I finally got a hold of a decent camera and was able to capture it as I have been seeing it. A triangle shaped craft that floats across the sky. Sometimes they make noise other times they don’t. This time it sounded like a single prop plane however clearly it is not a Cessna. Sorry for having such unsteady hands but I think this footage speaks for itself.
Sorry for the watermark I wanted to get this video up on the web fast.
Author (satinsilverk20a2 @ youtube)

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  1. You've got to be kidding me! That is obviously a plane. It sounds like a plane and has blinking lights like a plane. It's a plane!

  2. Ok this is very obvious, you can even hear the airplane engine. Come on people do a little research before you start yelling its an invasion!

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