Boomerang-shaped UFO above Partille, Sweden 8-Dec-2011

UFO videos – Some kind of triangle or boomerang-shaped craft was seen and recorded in the night sky above Partille in Sweden on Thursday, 8th December 2011.
Witness report: This craft came flying out of the clouds towards my direction when i was sky watching,from the front it did not resemble a airliner what so ever. I have never seen a craft like this before. I do not know if it was a UFO, but the only logical explanation i could find to what it could be was that it could had been a B-2 Bomber. Which that alone should be almost impossible or completely illogical itself. Whatever this was it was huge! This craft had a triangular shaped when seen from the front.
Author (CosmicStarTraveler @ youtube)

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  1. UFOs do not have navigation lights and this clearly, does. I am refering to the regular flashing lights. The mystery is how could it have flown over the person with barely making a sound? Any technology we know of that flies uses fossil fuels which create quite a bit of noise and at the low altitude this is flying, there should be some residual odor. Definitely strange, just not sure how strange.

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