Walking Octopus – Paranormal Report 94

Paranormal Report 94: Walking Octopus
With Clayton Morris and Jim Harold
8th December 2011
More Bigfoot news, an astronaut says we aren’t alone, a priest says Harry Potter is Satanic and, yes, Virginia there is a walking Octopus. This and much more on The Paranormal Report!

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  1. It isn't "Harry Potter" who is Satanic, but these Christian nutters who are Satanic. "Harry Potter" is just a piece of fiction, but these Christians are frighteningly real, like George Bush…American christians are the most demonic with their desire for Armeggedon, and anything that isn't AmerChrist deserves to be nuked.

  2. hey "Me"~ ain't nobody forcing you to watch this show—I want it here–so redirect your mouse and watch something else~

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