Algerian War Soldier Claimed Seeing Large-Sized UFO

A soldier claimed to have seen large roundish object descending while on sentry duty at Foreign Legion camp at Bouahmama during the Algerian War. It stopped moving about 35-40 meters from the ground and stayed there silently. The UFO sighting was happened in March 1958 and the soldier was Legionnaire N.G. The place where he stayed was well equipped with armors and a telephone as communication equipment.
During the night of UFO sighting, the night was clear with the moon shining all over the sky. The environment was silent and no major operation that would cause a noise was carried out. The soldier was relax during that time and nothing much bothering him. He was sitting in the ground with his rifle and was expected to fire his rifle or call the camp by telephone if he observes something not usual.
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After a few minutes of staying his post, something did occur. The soldier was claiming to have seen a very large object. He said that it started with a whistling noise, similar to the sound when you blow into the neck of a bottle. He thought that the sound was coming from up above. He then looked at it and saw a big roundish object coming down from the sky. The object began to silently hovering about 35-40 meters off the ground.
The soldier estimated the UFO to be as much as 350 meters wide and elliptical in shape. He estimated that the distance between him and the UFO was about 50 meters or 150 ft. Pale green light was all over the object and there was an intense conical beam of green light from the center of the under-part towards the ground.
Legionnaire N.G. did not do anything upon seeing the object. He just stared it for 45 to 50 minutes. He said that the most beautiful, relaxing and fascinating colors he had ever seen were the pale green and emerald. He felt happy and all about war, nervous or psychological tension were all gone from his mind.
After that moment, the noise came again and the object began to rise gently and flew at tremendous speed after reaching a height of about 120 meters. The disappearance of the object brought sadness to him. After a few minutes, sadness began to fade until his full normal mental state was back. (c) 2012

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