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Your UFO reports: 7th December 2011 – 14th January 2012
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The San Gabriel Mountains, Los Angeles – 1-14-2012 at 11-11:30pm
My father and I went out on our back deck late last night to observe the stars. Several minutes into our conversation I asked him about some curious red lights that I saw in the San Gabriel Mountains. It looked like there was a five mile long double-decker cruise ship in the mountains. We both watched it intently until the smaller bottom row of red lights disappeared and then, following it, the top row became smaller and smaller. Seconds after it left, the moon rose. Although we were some 50 miles away, we both saw it clear as day. looked like-
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Somerset, Pennsylvania – 13-Jan-2012
This was seen yesterday in Somerset,PA.
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Vista, California – Thursday January 12th, 7:40pm
I was driving down an expressway and noticed a slightly bright white orb in the sky. Within a second it jolted to another position although the previous light stayed there and left a light trail. It repeated this jagged movement another 7 times and the entire light trail vanished instantly. 4 cars put on their brakes and pulled over to the shoulder but I kept driving. Within a minute, 3 helicopters were traveling toward the site while I was continuing my way home. Goosebumps the whole way.
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Indre et Loire, France – 11 January 2012 at 20h35
I saw Flying above me a Big UFO, without noise and smoke, it was like sliding into the air for about 4 seconde the disapeared.Coming from north east going straight.It was really close as i saw a plane flying on my right and it was very high in the sky so i could calculate the distance…This ufo was big and real close.
It was a oblong shape like a skateboard shape and on both ends a red light.The middle was grey i didn’t see any shaped beneath it as i was a bit shocked.But what i saw, i can’t find any picture or photos on the net…
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Little Elm, Texas – 1/11/12-9:30pm and 1/12/12-1:15am
While driving to The Colony (south), I saw odd, flashing red and white lights just North of Little Elm, Texas. We are not far from a major airport so I didn’t think much of them at first, but the lights were flashing quite rapidly and without rhythm. After watching for a few moments I realized the craft appeared to be stationary! It stayed in the same place for approx 4 minutes, than began to move VERY slowly North. About 20 minutes later I returned to Little Elm and drove North toward Pilot Point. I saw the same object, still heading North at a very slow pace! The lights were not flashing, but solidly lit. My job requires me to be out driving through the night. I was back in Little Elm around 11:20p.At approx 1:15am, I was shocked to see another object in what appeared to be the same location as the first (stationary, North of Little Elm) just flashing white light about every 2 seconds. I watched it for about a minute and drove up a street losing it behind some trees, when I cleared the trees about 30 seconds later, it was gone. I hope someone ot there got a video or pic of it!
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Ben Hur, Jonesville, Virginia – 7pm eastern time, 1/10/2012, Tuesday
I’m not very familiar with making inquiries like this, & I’m not going to exercise my literary excellence. I’m very impatient about telling my account, & I hope it holds credit regardless of film, or pictorial reference.
I was outside my sister’s house, i had just turned on the porch light and was lighting up a Marlboro 100; (It’s prohibited to smoke inside by her landlord) The weather has been cold, cloudy, and wet. there was a little dew left from a previous rain, the temperature was about 30-45 degrees, the sun had only set an hour previously.
I was looking upward to distract my mind from the mild breeze and the coldness, I was looking towards the south western proportion of the sky from her porch’s view point. & to make it very aware that I had no intention to conjure up some elaborate hoax, or misunderstanding.
I’m familiar with the local helicopters that cruise in the area, due to our local hospital. as well, I’ve seen a shuttle take off, and I’ve flown on commercial air liners. I’m familiar with the sounds they make in flight, as well as the normal altitude designated to fly, especially in this region.
The strangeness of this craft was it’s ability to be quiet, It was a 3-d triangle, meaning by this it wasn’t just a flat shape in the shy, I could actually identify the curves in it’s body.
It appeared to be stealthy, almost as if it were stalking, creeping, or monitoring from above.
I’m aware of the typical ufo sightings and the cliche descriptions,
& it may undermine my own story just for the relevance of it.
But this object, was moving very slowly, it was very large, very large ! I’ve seen many aircraft travel the night sky, but this was bizarre.
It had an orange light below, in the center of the craft right before the nose divides into a point.
It was more or less, on the meridian. The lights in the back were identifiable as two large specter’s of propulsion. I say this because the way they remained consistently emitting light, & how they were so large. and originating behind the vehicle in a 3-d viewing.
I wasn’t sure what to believe, I knew it had a chance to be creditable as a UFO sighting, as none of my referential knowledge fitted with this particular object.
I can’t stress it enough to say how large it was, & it looked to of been flying at the normal altitude of 5k to 15k , It was a monogamist black figure and the clouds help originate it’s shape, it also brought out the brilliance of the lights, as everytime the lights hit a portion of clouds it emitted a glow on the clouds themselves, to seem almost like a giant ball of different colors.
I was unable to take any photographic or video films, as I did not have a reliable camera, & i had no internet available at the time. & even if i had these things equipped it would of been too hard to differentiated the object due to the surrounding weather. the way it’s flight projectory was, it had to of been flying North West of my location, and i say that through my knowledge of the surrounding area.
I can’t locate any other additional knowledge to support my claim at the moment. My mind was in awe then and I’m still a little stunned by what I seen, Especially at a time When I’m writing material for a manuscript based of this type of phenomena. In a conclusive summary of the event I’d like to state..
This object appeared menacing, In a subtle way. The way it wrapped around the sky in such a quietness, like creeping death. and yet it was too low and large to of avoided being so stealthy, I still can’t understand how something so large, and clearly having a propulsion system of it’s kind could avoid making any sounds what so ever, as well as the lights on the figure, and the way they blinked in 1/2 step fashion, the closest analogy is the 1/2 step motion made in music, I’m considering pursuing to find out more on this, as well as local sightings within 100 miles radius of my location, and during a similar time frame so I know I wasn’t the only one seeing this object.
& I’ll probably call local flight instructors to clarify if they had any aircraft in the sky that may be the result of my sighting.
I have the exact location in latitude and longitude as well as an accurate time line, & that is all I have to use besides my eye witness acount.
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Tamatea, Napier, New Zealand – 10/01/12 – 10pm – 10:45pm
Last night as I was leaving a friends place after dinner my friend said ‘Look!’ and up in the sky were 2 very bright objects which were both stationary. One of them then began moving in a fluid movement with no sound or effort, right accross the sky and then out of view in a very short time.
The 2nd one did not move at all, just stayed in place. I then raced home, pulled out my Lumix FZ100 camera, set up the tripod and adjusted the shutter speed, zoomed right into the 25x optical maximum zoom and managed 2 photos before it disapeared. The 1st is a little blurry, but you can see clearly a line of light on a 45 degree angle. I then closed all the curtains in my house and turned off all the outside lights, held the tripod very still and took the 2nd. I was AMAZED at what I saw in the 2nd, clearly visable was a clear line of light with what looks like pieces above and below the light. There is also the strange tail of light which is seen off the right side which could be the craft gaining electrical charge from the grid?
Each photo took approx 2 mins to take due to the shutter and developement times, so when I went to take a 3rd it had disapeared!

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Chula Vista CANational City Calfiornia – 1/9/2010 1620
Jan 9 2012 4:05 pm, takes off at 4:35 ,Orb over California northern sky almost direcltly above landing flight path of planes heading to Lindberg Field(san diego airport). Object appears to have an arm or long object sticking out the side that moves side to side like it is scanning. This same object has been viewed in this same position during the fall and winter months for a couple of years now by my friend and he calls me when it is out. Object exhibits similar behavior every time it has been seen,comes out around 1 hour before sunset in the winter and fall. Usually stationary for about 20 mins at a 3rd way up from northen horizon, then starts moving west slowy towards pacific ocean a the same hight, then it turns on its side and produces like two or three puff of smoke or small circurlar clouds and disappears like it takes off and leaves these puffs behind. My friend, his wife have been witnessing it for a couple of years now, and he has also shared it with his neighbors in national city. He has take some very low resolution pictures 640×480 but they just look like dots in the sky. I have seen the object personally 3 times and it alwasy occurs with the sun close to the western horizon making the oject shine as it moves. My neihgbor and kids have seen it once, but our camera batteries were dead. I’m borrowing a good dsr camera to takes video and pix to sumitt, hope it continues to show up so I can submitt on behalf of my friend who has been viewing them for years.I hate to sound foolish without proof but there is no doubtI that I have witnessed is real and diffcult to explain. Please stay in touch I will get the pix and good video so San Diego can look up once in a while.
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northern California, western sky – around 7:30 pm january 8th
I have seen this light on several ocassions. Last night, on Jan 8th, it was there once again. It is a bright light that appears to be that of an airplane flying straight at us. It hovers for some time and does not appear to be moving. It is white at first then seems to change colors. After a few minutes it fades in and out and then simply disappears. My family and I witnessed it and I have several friends who are watching this. Next time I will be prepared with the telescope and or binoculars near by.
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Vista, California – 3:00 AM Sat. Jan. 7, 2012
I have always been skeptical of things of this nature… However, a friend of mine pointed it out in the sky as we were outside. It was a bright, fire-like object. It was too hard to make out any shape of it, as it seemingly looked as if it were on fire. I thought initially it to be a plane landing at a local airport, as it was traveling at a very decent speed. It then slowly came to a stop after hauling quite a ways across the sky. It sat for a few seconds and then began to elevate what looked like upwards and out. After it got to a point that was way too high to be a plane, it slowly started to fade out; it became very faint, returned briefly (not quite to the brightness which it had initially), then, trying to explain as best as I can, seemingly broke into three or more pieces and vanished.
Normally, I would think something logical as an explanation; yet, there is just no way! It was definitely the oddest thing I have ever personally witnessed. Call me delusional, I know what myself and two others saw!
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McKibben Lofs – Brooklyn, NY – January 7, 2012 – 2:30am
Did not have time to take a photo/video, as the sighting only last a few seconds. But I’ve attached a drawn image of the craft’s direction via Google maps Street View.
I took my dogs out into the back yard to use the restroom around 2:30am, and as I’m standing by the back door I notice a copper colored disk gliding in my direction, and continuing over my apartment building. There were no lights on it, it was not glowing, and there was no sound. It seemed at though it were a large Frisbee, just gliding to it’s destination. If I were standing on top of my building’s roof, the disk would have been about 20 feet above me. The disk seemed to be about 30 feet in diameter. Now I’m not sure if the disk itself was copper/orange colored, of if it were picking up the orange reflection of the city lights. All I know is it was very eerie to see a craft that large and have no sound whatsoever.

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Budapest – Parliament – 07.01.2012 (15.14)
I don’t now what is it, maybe bird, and maybe UFO. A hope that somebody also take a photo of same object. Thanks.
PS: Tourist from Croatia.
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Northbound on bottenau blvd. In Brooklyn park MN – January 5th 9:18 pm
I was heading home from college last Thursday and I just passed west broadway when some stroke of luck made me look at the sky to see what looked like an unusually big star, like 2 to 3 times bigger than a planet does without a telescope. After a couple seconds of sitting still, it ZOOMED in an upward left (west-ish) direction. At first it seemed like a shooting star or meteorite but they stay in constant motion, they don’t stop and start again, and it was WAY faster than any rocket, satellite, plane, or “weather balloon” iv ever seen. It was a bright white light and as far as I know I’m the only person to see this. Thanks for your time
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New York – 2012
[direct translate from Spanigh] “Some want to tell us, and if all we ask they would be willing to make the hoped-Close Encounter of the Third Kind, but it depends on us, they are among us, want to ask you let them see and feel and act” are the opening words of Reinaldo Rios.
In an extension of these reports of UFOs over New York found a pattern where other residents reported seeing similar objects or probably the same object hovering over skyscrapers.
UFO casuistry has been extended to mega cities like New York, and this is confirmed by a series of photos of what might be called a sighting of this type as a sequence. A consideration of Professor Reinaldo Rios Hernandez Melida Colombian national living in New York was the principal witness of these events.
It turns out that recently he was about to take a trip on a pier near the coast of New York could see a UFO move from east to west over the buildings comfort the big city. There was no noise emission or detention of himself.
He was at an average speed. The interesting story is that some of the photos shot at the right time this object is not divisible. Later in his revealed will appreciate them.
Sightings in New York prognostic teacher will become more frequent this 2012.

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Tobermory, Ontario Canada – 4:00 am. December 2011
This was a little while ago. I was laying on my living room couch, and I saw what looked like a planet because it was brighter than a star, and bigger. It was slowly, very slowly, moving. It was going Dim, and then bright in a very erratic way. I was watching it the whole time, wondering what it would do. then it turned red, and decreased in size. I kept watching it, and did not take my eyes off of it. After a few minutes of dimming and brightening, red, it suddenly disappeared into what looked like a black hole; after which i never saw it again that night. I looked and looked but had no luck. I still do not know what it was.
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  1. I call BS on the Somerset, PA UFO Picture. It looks pretty impressive at first but when you look closer at the file itself there are clear signs of Digital Manipulation. Without seeing the Original I've written this Account off as Bogus.

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