Daytime UFO activity over Ireland – January 2012

Latest UFO sightings – This daytime footage of some kind of triangle formation hovering in the sky was recorded in Ireland this month (January 2012).

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  1. This is very interesting. It shows distance between each UFO of triangle. Recent event in Arizona showed similar UFOs separating. These did not and a day event is rare. Something is definitely going on.

  2. Well this is an interesting one I just wish they would have stayed on it until it made a move. Watching the way it moves gives a more clear idea of what it might be.

  3. I am posting a You Tube link and trust the publishers of this site will allow it to be seen.<br />I was sent this link today Jan 27 2012. The video itself went up on YouTube on the 23rd. This is THE Final &amp; DEFINITIVE word on UFOs. Spend 90 minutes of your time and be amazed by the evidence and the officials from all US government agencies spilling their knowledge of what has transpired over

  4. Finally sumting wierds goin on in ireland…jeez been waiting 4 ages since sumting wuz gonna happen in ireland…it jst always happrns in america r sumting…wow y dint aliens jst co cud b a aliens 2 demm 2 earth nd say hi…r we cud b da aliens 2 dem…well never know

  5. This is real what happened to me.One night I was outside on the towns track with my aunt and we saw this weird triangle shape.It had a light on each side.It flew away then a few minutes later it came back.We watched it then it broke into these three star like spaceships.they were twinkling and still moving.Over time we wern&#39;t able to see them.Me and her think it was a UFO!

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