New UFO video filmed in Cooloongup, Australia 13-Jan-2012

UFO sightings 2012 – Another video of a night time UFO activity in the sky above Cooloongup in Australia. Filmed by Australian Phenomena crew on Friday, 13th January 2012.
Witness report: Two Light’s return although this time they both got bright at the same time, Both Their Brightness Far Exceeded that of Jupiter, Sirius and canopus. Sorry For the bad Camera work as I was in shock. Seen at 8:43pm In Cooloongup Western Australia. Lights Travelled from South To North.
Author (AustralianPhenomena @ youtube)

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  1. sweetheart–how long have you been doing this surveillance? travelling in tandem? these are satellites. keep searching though.

  2. these are man made satelites traking paralel to each other. You can see similar lights most nights in the Aussie skies. They get brighter as they tumble in their orbits and fade as the move into the earths shadow, nice to watch but nothing to get excited about.

  3. If you check the time and location of your sighting on Heavens Above or Calsky website under Satellites and you will find that you have witnessed Iridium Flares that is the name of the satellites which have large solar arrays that reflect the sun in such a way that it appears very very bright flare and they can be seconds apart in groups of 2,3,or more in similar or differing orbits. I was

  4. There seems to me to be 3 moving lights not 2! Two are moving one way, one dimmer light moves the opposite way; you can spot it in the middle of the footage. Are they still all Satelites?

  5. Could be an Alien space ship that is in the shape of a huge triangle which so many people have seen during broad daylight .I believe they may use a transparent camouflage.It is massive and manoeuvring in space.All you can see are the apex points which look like stars or satellites.The brightest light is the closest.

  6. this guy should have muted the audio before he posted the video.. sounds like a nutjob.. good video, but im pretty sure the guy shit his pants.. litterally..

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