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Your UFO reports: 24th December – 31th December 2011
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New Oxford, Pennsylvania – 1/2/12 4:14 A.M.
Oval-shaped. Green light on the bottom towards the back. It made an odd, continuous buzzing noise. Flew only a few hundred feet off the ground. Travelled south along Carlisle Pike.
Also, a few minutes later, there was a white streak that flew past directly outside my window, but this may be completely unrelated (this has happened before).
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Seer Green, Bucks, England – 02/01/2012
Got out of car to go in the houseabout 7.45 pm and was amazed to see a large glowing red light shooting accross the sky so fast it couldnt have been anything manmade. Had camera in pocket but too fast to even get it lined up in the lens.
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Tifton, Georgia 31793 – 01-02-12
To whom it may concern, coming from a church convention (12-18-2011)(Time:between 6:30p.m. 9:30p.m. in Atlanta ,Ga. My wife was driving south on I-75 and I begin to relax and look out to the west when i paid attention to this unusual star like bright light in the distance. I commented to to my wife that this light was there.And that i did not see any other lights beaneath it which would be warming lights to flying aircraft.Being an ex-military man,i pay close attention to most things.I thought it could be a cell phone tower.However,this light puzzled me and i continue to watch it from time to time as we traveled south-bound to Tifton,Ga.I noticed on Sunday night(01-01-12) that this bright light was in the west sky toward Albany,Ga.but more to the south.I went to get a gift card out of m! y car on 01-02-12 about 8:45p.m. and the bright star like light was there.I called my wife to look. We looked again and no more light is visiable tonight at approxmately 10:45p.m.I will keep looking.
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Sweden – 2012-01-02
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Gotha, Florida – 1/1/2012
1 bright round ball flew in from the west followed by 3 more that came towards central Florida,stop in on spot and took horizontally to they were out of sight. time frame was around 2 minutes. was great. total of 5 people with me seen this event. i see where the same thing was seen all around the world. i’m sure military radar was watching too.
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Centorion, South Africa – 1 January 2012
I am watching a program on TV on the History channel of the sighting of the triange lights and whats funny, me and my son saw that same sighting lastnight in Sout Africa ay about 12h10 pm
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Pecos, TX – 01/01/12
Several people witnessed what appeared to be 5 to 7 glowing orange orbs fly over this small town in west TX approx around 1030 PM on 01/01/12. Several people were lighting off fireworks, and fire crackers when the orbs floated above. Need less to say, the people, all the people stopped to witness the orbs float to stop, and fly off in a half circle. Pictures were taken, but nothing came out to justify a clear shot. This is not the first incident. Also to add that Roswell, NM is just over the horizon. Will keep HD Vid Camera on deck.
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Luxembourg – 1 Januar 2011 00.10
Ufo sawn special clear lights was moving very quickly in the sky from Sandweiler for several kilometer
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Northern Suburbs, Brisbane, Australia – 01/01/2012
My family/friends and I had just completed the countdown for the New Year and were celebrating the arrival of 2012 when we noticed 3 bright oval lights in the sky. They were moving slowly and appeared to be coming towards us from a northern direction. They were aligned vertically (one on top of the other with a gap between each light) but slowly formed a triangular shape. They appeared to hover in one position for a few minutes before heading in a north-western direction and gradually fading away. We soon received a phone call from a family friend who lives nearby who had also noticed the objects.
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Northampton, UK – 1st january 2012
oh my god i have just seen a u f o the fire works were going off as it is new years day just and ok you may say it was a fire work but no way man i got my banokilars and followed it it was not an aeroplane it was a u.f.o i am not really a believer so when i say i saw one please its true i am in shock at presant wow but i saw one in the sky above northampton to be exact aboce st james it wokuld have been over the train station oh sorry no proof just my word sorry
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Mount Pleasant, South Carolina – January 1, 2012 just after midnight
On our way back to the car after celebrating the new year at Red Drum restaurant and bar my husband happened to glance up at the very clear night sky and noticed two really bright orbs, almost like planets because they were larger and brighter than any of the stars. They were redish-orange and non-flashing or blinking like the lights of a plane. At first it was surreal and shocking, then my husband scrambled to get a video on his iPhone.
The entire scene lasted for about a minute and a half. The orbs seemed as close as normal airplanes that had just taken off, but considering it was only 10-15 minutes after midnight on New Years, it was highly unlikely any planes were taking off from our small Charleston airport, at that time. Plus, they were coming toward us, at first, getting brighter, then they backed off some as if they knew we were watching them. Then they both floated sideways throught the sky, keeping equal distance the entire time and finally the one on the bottom right disappeared suddenly followed by the second one about 30-seconds later.
We couldn’t believe what we had just witnessed. The night sky was very clear, thus we were able to see every star and the moon. The next morning, my husband and I couldn’t stop thinking and talking about the orbs. Both of us being a little skeptical decided to do some UFO research, and what we found was incredible. The videos of UFOs over Moscow and Lake Murray, SC were nearly identical to the lights we watched float thru our New Year’s sky.
I would lastly like to add they were southeast over the Atlantic ocean AND we were with another couple who were just as in awe as us, as we all stood there witnessing the duo UFOs.
We have a video but I need an email to send it as the site is not allowing me to upload anything.
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Carrollwood, Florida – 1-1-12
My fianceé and I were driving home when I saw a dark triangular shaped aircraft flying In the sky. This aircraft was the size of a plane but was coasting about the same as I was driving 50mph. Each corner had white lights and a blinking light in the rear, what caught my eye was the red lights in the center.
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Vicenza, Italy – 1/1/12
[direct translate from Italian] cylindrical object with extensions to the base, bright red and yellow. He moved forward, then stopped, turned on itself, has changed direction gently 2-3 times and then you move away to the outside and gradually disappearing quickly! He seemed on the move with a will and not carried by wind to other non-existent.
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Arizona – January 1, 2012 (12:02 am)
Red orbs making different configurations in the sky (lines, triangles) disappearing and reappearing on the horizon, some shot up into the sky. (these were clearly not fireworks!) my camera was not able to capture anything, just a black sky.
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3500 block of SE Brooklyn St; Portland, OR – 1/1/12
I saw 1st one, then 2 flaming orbs flying about 3-500 ft above from east to west @ ~12:10 am. New Years fireworks were going off, that’s what I thought it was, but they didn’t “fall” like fireworks do, they just kept going west. The longer I looked, the more I thought I’d seen a UFO. This is the 1st time I’ve seen one, very exciting!
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Westerville, Ohio – January 1, 2012
I was siting in my car waiting for a friend around 10:30 pm when I saw three small orbs move across my field of vision in the sky. The lights moved in a triangular pattern and seemed to be pretty low, about as high as a helicopter. They were white lights and I could not believe what I was seeing, I was pretty frightened.
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Los Angeles County, California – January 01, 2012
Just past midnight as we were welcoming the new year outside in the front yard…we saw a red light flying across the sky…the position of the red light was in the south-west of the sky…we normally see quite a bit of planes flying over us because LAX is just 20 minutes away from us…normally the planes that fly over us, you can see green, red and white lights from them…but last nights red light was only red and as it flew across the sky towards the west it started to go up and vanished…many of us at our family gathering were amazed. Now the questions…what was is it? why at midnight? How many other people saw this?
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Kranj, Slovenia, Europe – 31.12.2011
Four red-orange glowing orbs flying over Kranj (Slovenia, Europe) on New years eve beetwen 22.00 and 23.00 CET (GMT +1) followed by another one same in shape, colour and size. Went out on a balcony on the 7th floor when I saw it coming from the NW toward SE. It was flying (moving) in one direction, passed by quite fast.
Video link:
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Phoenix Arizona over Lakewood ahwatukee – 31 December 2011 8:20pm
Looking out the back of my house there was a blue emanating light in an almost oval shape brighter in the center going across the sky descending. We ruled out that it was a meteor because it had no tail like a meteor burning in the atmosphere would. It was also not a plane or helicopter because it made no sound and was moving way too fast.
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Desert Mountain, AZ – 12/31/2011
(Please see my write-up in File 1)
What I saw tonight at around 8:20pm in Desert Mountain, Arizona.
It was absolutely breathtaking, jawdropping… and leaves me with a heart beating a thousand beats per second.
I forgot to mention, a pack of wolves (or coyotes), about 10-15 of them, howling in the distance. Yappy cubs and siblings, mothers and fathers, howling in the darkness as I took photos. Leaving me smiling and in awe of the beauty of nature. As I stared off at this star, sparkling blue and red, more than the other nights I had been staring at it… the howls stopped, and left me in the symphony of crickets.
When the pack stopped howling, this is what appeared before me. Leaving the camera sitting in the darkness on the red sand, and I ran to see where the light was soaring to…
Eternal Bliss, Love, and Light**
And Happy New Year!

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Huntersville, NC – 12/31/11 (11:46 PM)
Wow… I just can’t explain what these things are. My family and I (All 3 of us) looked up in the sky and saw all these strange glowing BRIGHT red lights. They flickered on and off inconsistently. What was very odd is they were “floating” in these weird looking formations. We counted over 15 of these very weird lights over the course of 5 Minutes. They were all exactly the same distance from each other and all moving at the same speed. They were flying very low to the ground (Less than 1000 Feet) and were totally silent. They were so close we could actually make out the outlines of numerous Triangle Shaped Objects. Prior to this video being shot, we saw a group of 5 flying close together and flying close to the ground but we were driving down Hwy. 73 and we had to pull over to shoot this video. We pulled over at the Bob Evans Parking Lot right off Hwy. 73 and got out of our car to record a handful of similar videos. We know these cannot be airplanes. They were movi! ng in the opposite direction of the Airport, They were flying way too low and they were 100% silent. What an amazing way to end 2011!
Please comment if you have seen anything like this!!! Especially in the North Carolina Area. We have never seen anything like this before in our lives! Shot on my HTC Inspire phone just Minutes before 2012 became official.
Youtube video link:
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Central, Louisiana, USA – 12-31-2011
At approx 3 am, I went out to smoke and was admiring the stars. I noticed something that did not look like a star but was blinking in a non-specific pattern. There was very little to no wind in this area. Within the first 2 mins of viewing it, I noticed it started to sway back and forth, in a loose kind of U shape. Thinking I was seeing things, I ran inside to get my sister-in-law. I was gone maybe 10 seconds and when we returned outside, there were two of them. it was kind of like they were playing with us. She would say, “omg, theyre moving side to side!” and they would stop. Then they would go really dim compared to how bright they started of as. and we would say to each other, “Where did it/they go??” then, bam, they would be bright again but more to the left, ri! ght or behind us. They seemed to be reacting to our comments and conversation. They moved in zigzag patterns, vertically up and down and kind of, swinging back and forth. to my eyes I saw red lights on one and kind of an intense blue on the other.They seemed to be in an oval shape and moved SO fast at times. They were about the distance away from the ground where you would would know the difference between a star blinking and a planes lights. I thought I saw one as a child but dismissed it because no one was with me. Last night I knew, as soon as I saw the first one, that it was a UFO! Then the second one and my sister-in-law seeing it too!! Im dying to do the process of elimination but, I dont know where to start. OH and a friend that lives 20 mins from where I was, saw “an intense wildly bright white light that lit the entire sky”. We had no rain or lighting last night. Please give me advise me of what to do. Thanks!!! Also, I tried taking photos of them with my! iphone but nothing came out, not even the stars that I could ! plainly see. SO mad about that!
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Downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL between broward and sunrise 3rd ave – 1:25AM December 31st
Was in my apartment, when my boyfriend stepped out for a ciggarette, he said christine come outside you need to see this now. It was like a huge glowing fireball looking object going very fast, as it approached our house it started to slow down, and then the fireballish effect stopped burning bright and it just went, almost transparent, but you could still see it in the night sky. It looked like it wasnt very high off the ground, like lower than the average airplane would fly. We live near the airport, so i know what the planes looks like around here. After the light “burned out” it seemed to just maintain speed and looked like a moving star. very round, almost whiteish clear looking. Best description i could give. My phone was dead, we did not get any footage. i hav! e previous footage from an almost exact sighting by 15 people on labor day, it was the same kind of fireball. the labor day weekend sighting was in delray beach off of hidden valley and dixie highway.
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Tralee, Ireland – 31-12-2011
Three UFOs or orbs flying over Tralee rugby club some bright lights hovering over the pitch moving too fast to be a plane or any identified flying object
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Lauderhill, Florida near fish and meat market bus 18 – 12/30/11
My sister and I along with her friend were walking to the bus, bus 18 to be in fact. It was located near the meat and fish market in lauderhill Florida. A man and his friend came next to us walking like he was a midgit, He then got up stood straight and started laughing he said he was joking. I responded by saying I could tell.When someone I am not sure at the stop(random person) looked up into the sky and said whats that? I looked up and said no it can’t be! My sisters freind in disbelief began to say it was a blimp that carriers people underneath. I knew what I saw and everyone at the bus stop said it was. My sister said it looks like a ufo. I said maybe not believing but looking back I am sure of it.
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Newton, Alabama my back yard – 12-23/12-30 2011
I have never reported something like this but these same lights have shown up everynight for over a week or more i can not figure out what they are or explain them. they make NO sound. they seem to hover but move back and forth up and down as if trying to stay or maintain the same spot almost like it drifts then u can see almost like an eginition or something and it will move like its trying to maintain or stay in one spot. they hover for hours all over some very high up and then one or two are low still high but brighteer? they seem to all move /hover together. i would love for this to be something explainable. Its freaking me out. i live near ft rucker ala a big army helicopter training bace. we see all kinds of helicopters and training..but this is wierd and nothing like we hav! e ever seen my husband and i have both watched them night after night and my son as well… its a bright light but at times u can see a red light but not like a planes or helicopters normal running lights and so far i count 7 i can see in the sky. they can fade out move up really high and drifter or almost not like a smooth drift but choppy?? side to side or zig zag? if its some kind of military drone testing that would make me very happy…because like i said its creepy they way they just hover and move i will take my camera and try to get some pictures.. i havent yet cuz…i didnt want to feel like i am over reacting.
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Greenfield, Indiana – Thursday, December, 29-12:30 am-1:30 am
A friend and I were driving around out on country roads and I looked out my window and saw a triangle with white and red flashing lights that would go in a row like a sequence. It was the closest to us and I couldn’t identify it as a plane or a helicopter. It was too low to be a plane and did not look like a helicopter. Then we noticed four more of the same things more off in the distance. We ended up trying to follow them. I counted 6 different “UFOs” all moving in the same direction. I have never seen this many aircrafts like this late at night or anytime in my town. We followed one of them and got pretty close, but it was on a creepy road and the ufo seemed to lower itself and went under a treeline. We drove back into town because we were scared. I took my friend home, but one of the triangles just stayed in one spot for a long time. We would always see just one off in the distance. I went home and looked out my bathroom window and could still see just one far away hovering over a field. As I said, there were about six. They moved very fast and some stayed in one spot. The two were were close to appeared dark and triangular with flashing lights. We only had phones and they wouldn’t pick up good image quality.
– – – – – – – – – –
Wilmington NC – December 29th 2011 around 11;34PM
on Wrightsville beach my boyfriend and I were having a romantic night
walk along the beach when something in my peripheral vision caught my
attention. When I looked I INSTANTLY saw a bright orange/red ‘star’ that was quite close to the boardwalk. The closer I paid attention the more I noticed it moving. It was making little zig zag lines, and circles around itself, I watched it zoom across like a “taddpole” is what my boyfriend described it as. It led our eyes across to yet another star looking of the same color, only more active.
This other ‘star’ was quite far away from the other one, yet this one was being very “aggressive” is how my boyfriend described it.
Just the sight of these objects made us both anxious and scared.
Something is not right about whatever is over Wrightsville beach, the past three nights they have been there in the same area.
There is one of my videos uploaded to youtube.
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Squamish British Columbia – Dec 29th 2011
At 2015hrs I noticed the Sky lit up with a pulsing light glowing and pulsing yellowish due to the cloud cover maybe.
the glow was moving from weast to east within 15 minutes it was gon ???
no noise at all ???
sory no pictures.
– – – – – – – – – –
East Coast of Lincolnshire – 28/12/2011
Was outside taking dog to toilet, We were looking up at the sky, there were two pure white, what looked like stars, we ( me and my b/f ) noticed one started moving, this went at insane speed and disappeared into the distance until its vanished ( it was still slightly in sight at this point )
We watched for about 4 minutes until there was no trace of it.
I would like to point out, There was no sound, it wasn’t flickering or no flashing lights. We have seen this many time. It’s extremely windy, so in this case, if it was a Chinese lantern, it would of been flickering or have gone out, as well as going all across the sky. This wasn’t the case. I do not have a photo as of the fact i didn’t have
any type of camera with me.
– – – – – – – – – –
Milton-Freewater Oregon – 12/28/2011, 11:45pm-3:30 am
Last night I looked outside of my window around 11:45 pm and I saw what looked like some kind of bright red and orange object in the sky. At first I thought it was just an airplane but after watching it for a couple minutes I was convinced it wasnt. I had never seen anything like it. It was floating around in mid air and it was so quiet. It appeared to be about the same height that an airplane would normaly fly. I couldnt believe it. Suddenly it wasnt bright at all any more and passed behind some clouds and I couldnt see it anymore so I just didnt think about it too much. Then around 1:30 am just an hour or two later I went outside to smoke a cigarette and looked up at the night sky and I saw a shooting star. The sky for the most part was clear. I could see a bunch of stars. I remember looking up and I recognized the three stars in orions belt. They were very bright but nothin out of the ordinary. As I was staring at the three stars I noticed a smaller blinking star right under them and I was amazed to see it fly around the constalation. I thought it was a plain but then it moved very fast that I lost track of where it had gone. I kept looking in that same direction to see if I could see it again. Then the three stars from orions belt dissapeared. I coulnt believe it. There were no clouds covering that area in the sky. I started to question if they were really the Orion constalation. Moments later more stars dissapeared from view. There was a point where I couldnt even sed a single star in the sky. It had rained earlier in the day so there were some clouds covering the sky but it was clear in most places. After a while some stars started to appear again and orions belt was right where it was earlier. After that I began to focus on some of the more brighter stars and I noticed one in particular that was moving a little but it looked like it was just floating in the same place. It was almost as if it was trying to disguise itself as one of the other stars but then after about 10 minutes it wasnt lit up or blinking anymore. It also disappeared from view. I just continued to be amazed. I couldnt believe I was witnessing all of this in the sky. I was outside staring at the sky for about an hour or so, I had just lost track of time. After a while tho it got a bit windy and more clouds started coming in so there were now a lot less stars vissible. I realized it was about 3:30 am so I was gonna go inside already but I told myself I would stay out 10 more minutes haha. I was just too excited still. Theres was not much to look at anymore because it had gotten cloudy more but I did see a couple more shooting stars. By the end of the night I convinced myself that none of the objects in the air were either airplanes or shooting stars. I know that what I had just witnessed the whole night was out of this world. I just wish I had a camera or something to record my experience. But I just witnessed my very first UFO experience and I was really glad that I did because this experience was both exciting and unbelivable!
– – – – – – – – – –
Mullsjö, Sweden – 28 dec 2011
I stood in the kitchen and would get me something to drink before I went to sleep. But then I saw something in the air that I had never seen before .. At first I just thought it was some strange star until I realized that it moved. It had lights that movable and winked .. object flew not far up in pretty fast speed .. If this object had flown so close to the ground or as fast as it did, I would have thought the set was a common plane, but it did not sound like one .. It’s so hard to explain what I saw beacouse I don’t know what it was.. Hmm ..
– – – – – – – – – –
Tucson, AZ – December 28, 2011
In Tucson, Az I was returning home from grocery shopping. I live in the rural desert just a few miles west of town, off a dirt road and there are no street lights out here, so it is very dark. The Tucson area hosts an international airport and a military base. I am very familiar with night sky traffic.
At 9:07 pm I stepped out of the car and looked up admiring the stars, crescent moon, the clear, crisp night sky. I became aware of a red light east over the city about 7 miles away. Thinking that this was very unusual I paused looking at the round light, now appearing reddish orange flying from the south to the north at a familiar plane speed, at that point I was still feeling it was a plane or helicopter. I liked the color so watched it waiting for it to turn so I could see the red, green wing lights or white light headlight, or something that would identify to me what kind of plane it was. It did switch directions and appeared to be coming west, in my direction. It grew quickly in size and was a much larger reddish orange globe now. It was wavering side to side, curvy movements toward my direction. Not a movement I have ever seen from a plane or helicopter. Then I became alarmed and dropped the groceries and ran up to the front door calling my teenage son to come ! out quick and take a look at the weird light. Out he flew and saw it too saying “Wow, what is that!” He than ran in the house and called his dad. While my son was gone the light still approached wavering, growing brighter and larger in size, though still miles away. My husband and young son came out, saw the reddish orange light and we all agreed that it nothing we have ever seen before, so it must be a UFO. When my husband came out the light had already started to grow smaller so he never did get to witness it when it flared big. As the whole family watched it, the light appeared to grow smaller and smaller, perhaps moving away us, east. Then what really shook us up was that the light just blinked out, swallowed up by the night. We stayed out awhile waiting for it to reappear, but it didn’t. I estimate that I watched the UFO for about 3 minutes total.
– – – – – – – – – –
Belden MS (Mississippi) – 12-27-11
I work nights so I am quite familar with night driving. Last nite I was on my way home, I live in a somewhat rural area and when I turned down our drive I observed a light, white, then red, then white in the sky over our back pasture. We live not too far from our regional airport and I am not too overwhelmed by lights in the night sky, but this was around midnight and the light was very bright, and the closer I got to the house I noticed that it was not moving at all, just sitting there. I thought it was a very bright star, but then it started moving, slowly then it gained speed. I pulled closer to the house and sat there in the truck and watched. I have never seen anything fly the way this thing was flying, so I jsut sat there and watched it for a good 10 minutes. It then lifted s! traight up and was gone in a blink of an eye. By this time, my son and husband were wondering why I was just sitting in the truck, and opened the front door, and I got out and asked them did they see that light off to the north of the house, to which they both replied no, that they were fooling with the TV, that the satelite was messed up but was now back on. I told them what I was watching and they both laughed and said yeah sure. I have never thought much about UFO’s or space men, but what I saw last night was really, really strange.
– – – – – – – – – –
Philadelphia, PA – 12-27-2011
i was waching a show with my brother in low and i sow a ligthing in the sky,very clouse,i togh it was a star folling so i get up of the sit so fas and it was there,i cout not belive it,i was in shock,,i run up sters and i sow it so clear,i call 911,and make the report,they say no one sow nothing, sorry my ingles is not good i speak spanish, it has the shep: of a limon,the meter part sping arond and a litle wire then the top and botton part,like 3 or 4 helicopter side,no noice no wings no elise,oll mero, ligth ebry were, 400 or 500 yard of the floor so clouse.i want to know what it was,is very hard people to belive me. one more think it was like 6;20 am still dark
– – – – – – – – – –
Colombo, Srilanka – 12/27/2011
When i went outside to close my house gate i saw a disk like shaped object at a certain speed flying over the sky.Hope if anyone records a video.
– – – – – – – – – –
West Yorkshire, UK, England. GB – 26 December 2011
Wait for the 0:55sec mark to see the craziest thing I saw that night!
I filmed this around 9:20pm after I received a call from a friend who said he’d seen exactly what I’d seen in my videos. So I paid him a visit and caught what you see now. I was there most of the night but only saw about a minutes worth.
Youtube video link:
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Bromyard, Herefordshire, England – 26 december 2011
i saw 3 lights, all changing colour and position. i think they were 3 seperate lights as their positions were changing all the time relative to each other, up, down,sidewards and diagonal. they were glowing brightly, orange then red,changing colour all the time. the time was 6pm, i watched them for 5 minutes as they flew away from my position in a north east direction. i took a photo with my mobile phone but nothing showed,just black sky
– – – – – – – – – –
Morrinsville, New Zealand – 25.12.2011 approx 9pm
Initially i saw one low flying red coloured orb moving across the sky, it then vanished.
I then went outside as i thought it was rather strange and further along heading in the same direction were 2 more of these orb like objects.
They were all low flying but there was no sound and then they just vanished
– – – – – – – – – –
San Diego (Chula Vista), CA – 25 December 2011
About 7 bright red lights spread across the night sky (Video doesn’t show all of the lights). As they descended they also dissolved and eventually disappeared.
Video uploaded to YouTube here:
– – – – – – – – – –
Camp Lake, Wisconsin – Dec,24 2011
December 24, 2011 around 6 pm I saw something flying south in the sky that was not anything I have ever seen! It looked like a ball of fire that maintained altitude and speed while not making a sound. It continued flying south towards Antioch, IL. I watched it until it disappeared over the trees. It looked to be a 200 feet up and I would guess maybe 20 feet across. Did anyone else happen to see anything similar?
– – – – – – – – – –
Iowa – 12-24-2011
My sister and I were driving home from work which would have been between 10:15-11:15pm. It takes an hour for us to drive home. I can’t remember what road we were on but it was between Cherokee Iowa and Sioux City Iowa. I saw a large silvery disc shoot across the sky. But it was so brief that not even my sister saw it. I was driving. But as I am looking it appears that I am not the only one. Also last night we experienced time loss, and static/air like hissing. This was around midnight, 12/27/11. Then I came up with this code. 01100101011011100110010001101111011001100100010001000001010110001010011. I hope I got the numbers down right. But if you are into number play. There is 31,536,000 seconds in 365 days. Also there are 432,000 seconds in 5 days. If I did the math correctly. But those! two numbers will appear in the code above. There will also be an extra number in there. 6. Next year is leap year. The code also says something. It is binary. Have fun looking it up on Google it won’t pop up. You will need to decifer what it says. I’ll give you a hint. There are 7 numbers in one letter. and there is a difference between capital and lowercase letters.
– – – – – – – – – –
Boise, Idaho Quail Ridge Subdivision – 12-24-2011 9:30 pm
We were out looking at Christmas Lights when I looked up into the sky over this house and saw this large red object lighting up in the sky, just hanging out fro a good 30 minutes. Also quite a ways below it was another object turning red, blue,green & orange. I couldn’t get this object on video as it was to far away with my zoom. Over 500 calls to the Boise non-crime number reporting what we saw, also it was seen from Colorado to China in a matter of seconds. One witness said it split into 4 orbs or lights and shot into outerspace. This was off the charts fantastic! And it wasn’t Santa Claus!
Video link:
– – – – – – – – – –
Franklin Square NY – Dec 24, 2011
Whats up, Me and my family were outside smoking when my neighbors walked up to our house and asked if we were outside watching what was in the sky. We looked up to see two bright lights moving slow then stopping, then continuing to move again. I took my iPhone out and began recording. I stopped it short to run inside and bring everyone that was in my house outside to see it so they wouldn’t call me and whoever was outside, nuts. Take a look. I never fall for stuff like this, even the videos i see on the web, I always feel they were tampered with…this is raw footage, i just paused the video in certain areas where you can see it the best.
Youtube video link:
I have the video uploaded straight to youtube from my iphone
Danny D
– – – – – – – – – –
Wetumpka, Alabama – 12/24/11
i was walking at my churchs sidewalk when i saw one flashing light.
– – – – – – – – – –
route 4 south of Rangeley lake Maine – 11/12/11
Driving north on rt. 4 in my brothers truck. Three other people and myself topped a hill and could see over the valley of the south end of Rangeley lake. What we saw was a large object with bright blue lights taking up half the with of the valley. It had two rows of light,5 on top and bottom about 15 ft. in hieght by 40ft long per panal with smaller round lights in the middle on each side. We travelled about less then a hundred feet,all of sudden it was beside us 50ft away just over the trees on our left. The lights were a bright robins egg blue and as it moved very slowly the area around it seemed like small ripples on a pond. I felt like the whole world had been lifted from my being. It was so strange a feeling but wonderful. If we were being probed I dont know. Then it moved slowly s! outh and was gone. The young men were wide eyed and said what was that. I said I guess now you have something to tell your grand kids.
– – – – – – – – – –
S E sky off a radial from Atlanta International airport (ATL) of approximately 135 to 160 degrees – multiple, first sighting around the first week in December 2011
First ,I have never done anything like this before ,although I have seen over a period of years things that I feel sure must be some sort of UFO as there were no other explainable factors for the things I saw or the behavior of the objects. This being said there is a more recent occurrence that is going on in the Southeastern sky near my home and unlike other times that I have seen things in the sky that I could not explain ,this one seems to have taken up residence at the same position .It first caught my attention moving across the Eastern sky one night from North to South erratically and then stopping at the same approximate position that it now seems to have taken up residence,which in itself is pretty odd in the past anything I saw which was suspect was short lived and did not repe! at itself or stay around .I borrowed a low integrity telescope from my friend just to get a better look at this object after noticing one night that 1 it was still around and 2 that it was stationary below a high cloud cover which was significant to me in my judgement that it was not a “star”,in viewing it through a telescope ,and I know this does not sound logical, it appears to ,for lack of a better way to describe it look like a clear round Christmas ornament,with transparency,or what a live cell looks like under a microscope ,and here is the strange part it looks like there are dark spots and semi transparent (things )moving around on its surface or inside its exterior sometimes quickly and sometimes they stop,additionally there also seems to be a semi transparent line that from time to time will rotate around this “thing” and I really don’t know what to think of it,just to make sure I had my wife look at it too in the telescope and she saw the same! thing I saw so! draw whatever conclusion you want but if you ! are inte rested you may also call me at 770-480-4933 Thanks
– – – – – – – – – –
Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras – November 7th, 2011
On november 7th during sunset I took a number of pictures from one of the two main hills of Utila Island in the Caribbean. At night I was downloading all these pictures and I noticed that 2 UFOs were in several pictures. I didn’t see anything until I moved them to my computer.

Mr. Cerna
– – – – – – – – – –
Hurghada, Egypt – 23.07.2011/ 20:17
[direct translate from German] I have photographed a palm tree and I have viewed the image on the display. I saw the white dot to the right of the palm at the sky but there was nothing.
I can not explain to me what that was.
– – – – – – – – – –
Tracy, mn on a small trailer camp ground – summer of 2011
I was sitting around a campfire with my fiance we were having trouble sleeping because we aren’t used to an air mattress .We were just sitting around talking and staring into the sky when what appeared to be a star at first caught my eye.I realised it wasn’t a star the way it was bouncing around the sky in an M like motion and then back and forth and it kept this up for a long time, until which time it started to pan a across the sky wery slowly while still waving around i now live out near this area and am planning on returning with my camera to watch the night skies to catch any footage.
– – – – – – – – – –
1100 U Street NW Washington, DC USA – 6;30 PM May 9, 2011
I was sitting in an alley located between the Industrial Bank and U Street Music Hall in the 1100 block of U Street NW, Washington, DC 20009 watching 4 layers of storm clouds in the sky, all moving out of the Southwest headed Northeast. Suddenly, I noticed the leading edge of a large thin silver titanium disc which covered the entire visible sky flying just below these 4 layers of clouds in a white mist and the disc was being backlit as it was being struck several hundred times per second by powerful lightning bolts from the layers of clouds above. The disc was moving slowly directly North out of the South. Absolutely no sound from the disc itself. No scorch marks on the leading edge, which means it had never entered the atmosphere so it belongs to the US Military(CIA). This disc was so! large that it was captured on all Doppler radars in the area.
– – – – – – – – – –
West Jordan, Utah – January 30 2011
We saw four amber colored spheres moving across the sky during the final countdown to the new year. First two spheres which appeared to be in formation made their way across the sky heading from south to north then a third and then a fourth they all went to the same spot in the sky in the north west and then faded from very brigtow eeeht to just gone without a trace in a matter of a
couple seconds a piece. The last one faded out of sight during the last five seconds of the countdown and them they were gone. The reason I’m reporting this one is because didn’t report the first one I saw a little over a year and a half ago q which was far more impressive than what I saw on new years. The one I saw in october of twenty ten was much larger and definately of different origin. It was also a sphere shape but I can describe it to a tee because it was so close and because it sat over my house in the middle of the city for over an hour I even woke up a guest we had staying with us at the time for my own sanities sake. She and my girlfriend both saw the same thing plain as day really there was no
mistaking it. But this one was not amber colored it was bright but it had all the colors of the rainbow dancing around it. It was not a uniform dance of
color it was abstract and very fast like electricity but it looked like two halves there was a very apparent gap between the top and bottom like a void of any color like the two halves were being held apart or together but magnetic force or something. There was absolutely no sound associated with this craft and out was very large there should have been some sound. But there was also two other flashing lights the best way to expiation the other two is if you were looking at all three at the same time they formed a perfect triangle but the other two were either a lot smaller our a lot more distant but either way they were not the same type of vessel and they appeared to be communicating through what looked like morse code one
would flash rapidly and frequently and the other slowly and not as often. But I think what freaked me out the most about the whole experience is that me and my girlfriend were outside
together hugging I was the one that watched it come across the sky and get bigger and bigger until there was no mistaking what I was seeing at that point is when I turned her around and pointed at it and said what in the fuck is that! And when I did that it stopped moving and then just sat there. This made
me very aware thatIt was aware that I was aware of it! That made me feelvery special because how many people can say that about their ufo sightings? I almost feel like I have in some sense communicated with another life form and had a staring contest with it. I know people are skeptic and would call me crazy some have already but after seeing what I have and then having it happen again but completely different I think skepticism for me is over people can believe what they want but I’m very aware of my sanity and I even questioned myself for a minute about seeing what I did the first time but now to me there is no question its just a matter of time until they present themselves maybe tours what 2012 is, is life as we know it is coming to an end and we are going to have to except that we are not alone like it or not! This will challenge religion at its core and everything as we knew as a whole. Well thanks for letting me share that I really needed to get that off my chest. Tha! nk you for listening.
– – – – – – – – – –
Furnace, Scotland – 28th july 2007
i was camping at furnace in scotland with 5 mates.we were all looking at the sky for moving satalites as it was crystal clear sky .we saw a good few satalites some of us for the first time,it was 2.40am when we saw this light coming across the sky from right to left in front of us slower than any satalite iv,e ever seen,then it stopped .then another one came from right to left and stopped close to the other one,then a third did the same and stopped close to the other ones,they were in triangular formation. thought it was satalites at first until my mate jason shouted whats that up there pointing up behind us,looked up and there was this bright light above us but very low would say about 150feet .stood looking at it the weird thing was there was no sound coming from it at all and becau! se it was a full bright moon could see full siloette of it and half it were moon shined on just sat there for about 15 seconds it was cylinder shaped with long antenna on top like a flag pole, bright white light on the bottom of it ,no windows ,then it moved acrooss to the other side of the loch we were at that fast it left a white line in the sky because of the speed it went,it then stopped dead across the other side of the loch as if it hit a brick wall for about 2 seconds then shot up into the sky and dissapeared,the other ones had dissapeared too .still to this day cant get it out of our minds and never will.there is nothing our military has got that goes this fast with no sound .also when it moved it did,nt turn it stayed up straight.
– – – – – – – – – –
Kagel Cyn, California – May ’83
I was driving through the canyon one morning when a silvery translucent ball, about 6 ” diameter, came floating towards my car. I stopped my car and watched it float right up to my windshield. We stared at each other for a moment until it floated over my car and continued down the road.
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  1. I also saw the same thing at the same time.. I could not verify it was a plane as it moved too slowly.. My wife also saw and agreed with me that it wasn't any kind of plane. Seems to be more and more sightings all over the world lately..

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