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Your UFO reports: 14th January – 21st January 2012
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Gawler, South Australia – 16/1/12 2:45am – 4:00am
My girlfriend and I where out star gazing last night and she pointed out an orange star and said it was something moving as we started watching and focusing more into the object it started darting around and moving in all sorts of directions (not something we normally see in the sky out here) the more we kept watching over the course of an hour it had changed color an had gotten brighter and we seen at least 5+ lights around the object and also small orbs falling from the lights we kept watching it move until it slowly moved up then just disappeared………
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Madison TN – 01/01/2012 12:15am
Saw 4 bright yellowish lights off in the distance low in sky we were standing out on the front porch they were moving slow watched for about 5 min, then they just disappeared. Took a couple pic’s put didn’t turn out well. My husband said I didn’t believe but now he does he knows a lot about airplanes and has flown several, he said that was not a plane or any aircraft of this earth.
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