Triangle formation over Long Island, New York 1-Jan-2012

UFO sightings 2012 – This video of triangle UFO formation was recorded Long Island, NY on New Years Eve 2012 at 12:05 am.
More info in the video!

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  1. Being a Long Islander, now living in the Midwest, I would really like to know where on the Island this happened. Looks like Suffolk County. In which case, I have seen many, many things over the Island in my lifetime, but not triangles and that is not military, either. Too slow.

  2. is obvious to see that most sightings reported all around the world this month, are quite similar in shape, color and movement. Three out of three characteristics should be able to lead to some official investigation, right?

  3. My parents live in Massapequa and saw the same exact things flying in the air. They wrote it off as Chinese lanterns. After seeing this video I'm convinced they aren't, but it's odd they think it's Chinese lanterns as well…mmmm

  4. Although it does look like chinese lanterns, the chinese lanterns I've seen are a little dimmer, and the light is generally smaller at that distance and altitude (By the looks of things I think they are quite high up). There's a good chance it is a UFO.

  5. During the winter months approx December 2011 while walking my dog about 11 Pm I observed 3 objects like that..but the were at a much higher altitude flying in a triangular formation but rather far apart. 3 sets of triangular lights.

  6. My gf and I saw the exact same thing on the LIE between exits 63 and 62, south of the LIE (looked like it was just a few hundred feet south of the LIE)at about 6:45 pm September 23 2012. Perfect triangle moved together, we thought lanterns for for a second also but it moved up nose first, back 2 lights stayed stationary before the whole thing moved upward and then turned away from us. It was wild

  7. My wife and I were driving home this evening and saw the same thing. When we first saw it, it was a triangle then the front light disappeared then the back two lights remained for about another 45 seconds to a minute and then they vanished too. Never seen anything like this before…not helicopters…not lanterns. My wife got video for about 30 seconds. Video is only so so but still proves what

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