Ancient Aliens – The Mayan Legend of Kukulkan

History Channel series “Ancient Aliens” examines the Mayan rituals associated with the god Kukulkan and the temple built for him at Chichen Itza.
The Mayans do not speak about Kukulkan in a mythological context. They claim he was a real life being who descended from space and shared knowledge with the Mayan people.
Ancient astronaut theorists believe the legend of Kukulkan is one of many examples of ancient people being visited by benevolent extra-terrestrial beings.

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  1. Kukulkan was NOT "benevolent." If you read up on him, he was anything but. The Mayan were terrified of him, and with good reason. Just being extra-terrestrial does not make one good. Great technology doesn't always mean the makers of the technology are good…in fact, often just the opposite. For his time, Hitler was way ahead of everyone else technologically. Kulkulkan is likely

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