UFO Sightings Have Increased by Almost 70 Per cent in Ireland

Sightings of UFOs in Ireland go up by almost 70 per cent over the last three years. According to the UFO Research Association of Ireland, 59 reported sightings were recorded in 2011, 42 in 2010 and 35 in 2009.
People are more open-minded on UFOs making them not hesitant to report a sighting to the association’s website, according to the founder Adam Tallon.
Mr. Tallon said he believes on the existence of life outside Earth but he is not certain whether it is intelligent being or not.
The association has been receiving reports about UFO sightings which are associated to Chinese lanterns and ball lighting but its primary focus is in UFO reports which cannot be explained by natural reasons.
Interesting UFO sightings include objects seen flying that seem to be controlled intelligently or objects showing accurate manoeuvres that are believed to be impossible for any earthbound- air crafts.
Mr. Tallon started to form the group in 2005 but was officially became the UFO Research Association of Ireland when it implemented its current system to monitor reported UFO incidents in 2008.
UFO incidents being reported are relatively low but they are increasing gradually. Mr. Tallon thinks that this situation could be attributed to two things. The first is that there was no place to report UFO incidents before the association was formed and secondly people are more comfortable to report UFO sightings than 10 years ago, according to Mr. Tallon.
Mr. Tallon informed the public that anybody who is interested to share their encounters in UFOs via the association’s website ufoi.org is not required to give any personal information. He said that this confidentiality in reporting UFO encounters encourages people who are hesitant to report such sightings.
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  1. Not only in Ireland there are more ufos sightings, but all over the world, there´s an increase of 80 or 90%. Thank you.

  2. HahahaBIG Adolf…funny? that was the most hilarious comment anyone who is seriously interested, and not afraid of the unknown has ever seen. I don't blame you for using comedy to cover up your trepidation, or indeed your narcissism if thats what it is.In fact i believe you have done the government, including The Dept. Of Truth, no end of a brilliant service, they could not have asked for

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