Fireball UFO investigation in Mansfield, Ohio

UFO researchers are on the case of a mysterious burning object that fell from the sky and landed in a wooded area south of Mansfield in Ohio.
“It hit those woods over there,” said Don Beverly, who lives about a quarter mile from the suspected point-of-impact.
Don Beverly said he saw the glow from the unidentified flying object — or in this case an unidentified falling object — once it hit the ground that late November night.
“You know, you see what you see. Those woods didn’t light up at 1:30 in the morning for nothing,” Don Beverly said.

Fox News from 4th January 2012

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  1. Im a truck driver and saw this object that is being decribed here. It was about 4 am and it was in january not sure the exact day though. I was traveling south on i71 towards columbus following this glowing orange yellow ball. It wasnt travelling very fast at all though. I seemed to be keeping up with it going about 67 mph. As i travelled south it moved more toward the west. I watch this thing

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