Former U.S. President Secretly Had Meetings with Extra-Terrestrials

An ex-consultant of U.S. government claimed that the nation’s 34th president, Dwight D. Eisenhower, had three secret meetings with aliens in 1954 at a remote air base in New Mexico.
It is said that Eisenhower was getting help with FBI consultants to organise the meeting between him and aliens through sending out telepathic messages.

The aliens and the party of Eisenhower finally met at Holloman Air Force base on three different occasions with many witnesses.

Conspiracy theorists recently spread out rumours about the meeting. But the claims from author Timothy Good were being picked-up first by a prominent academic.
Mr. Good, who was also a former U.S. Congress and Pentagon consultant, revealed that aliens have been in regular contact with governments around the world for many years. He added that aliens have been in contact with different kinds of people throughout the world both informal and formal.
Eisenhower, who was the highest ranking government official in the U.S. from 1953 to 1961, was known as a believer of alien or extra-terrestrial life. He was also a five-star general in the U.S. Army leading the Allied Forces in Europe in the World War II prior of becoming the nation’s president. He was keen on pushing the U.S. space programme while he was still in the military service.
The meeting was originally set for Nordic aliens but was changed to a race known as Alien Greys.
Mr. Good said that while almost all UFO reports can be explained by natural phenomena, there are millions of people throughout the world who have actually seen the real aliens.
Winston Churchill may have ordered to keep UFO sighting a secret, according to classified documents released by the Ministry of Defence in 2010. It is rumoured that Churchill discussed with Eisenhower on how to deal with UFO sightings. (c) 2012 
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    • They have been here for thousands of years enslaving us and harvesting the earths natural resources like gold and shipping them off world. why do you think the G men and Chinese want gold from your pockets like jewelry? because its almost all gone! they take it to china and ship it all off world. don't you feel like a slave? you work and work every day for what? you get money, not gold, and

    • I have seen very nearby ufo´s four times. What I´m reading here is…nothing. The Maya en Aztec gold went to Spain and to Portugal. I can´t follow your reasoning.

    • Please do not believe that we are enslaved by the "ALIENS". This happens since early days throughout civilization. Powerfull people enslaves weaker people. It's the Capitalistic System! Exploitation of man by man.

  1. I beleive UFo&#39;s are real.<br />I also beleive World Governments have lied and covered up all information.<br />There is lots of talk about what happens at Area51 and I dont know why 50-100,000 people dont make a mass move on the base.<br />Jeepers NO President would allow a mass group to be killed no matter what they hide there…maybe fly 50 Cessnas in as well….jeepers if you really want

  2. Hehe ive been thinking about that myself! Get like 100 000 or even more and just go over to A51 and have a look. Bring some planes and jeeps too. Its like one of those &quot;wonder what would happen&quot; thoughts hehe though i doubt it would happen but its a funny thought =) By the way thats exactly the kind of things we could do to find out about things. Like the occupy movement sort of. Only

  3. I have had my experiences with exterterestrials and sightings when I was younger and still continue to have my own unique experiences. I have finally met others that have had similar and same experiences. THEY Are HERE to guide and help us through the upcoming changes mankind will experience. Their are several different species and only one is here for our benifit, one species called reptilians

    • The reptilians have the best crack. They&#39;re trying to control us drugs as the CIA used drugs to try to destroy US getos.

    • so ufo is a relative term, and prolly most of us have seen something moving through the sky that we ourselves could not identify. this does not mean the enquirer and 1950&#39;s hollywood were sending us the real truth while the papers and tv pushed the gov. cover-up. of course, you all know, it doesnt take space lizzards to prey on humans.. we seem quite capable of that ourselves. i think there

  4. Why do supposedly intelligent people use this site to ridicule others…If you don&#39;t like/believe…then don&#39;t waste your time coming here to leave derogatory &amp; juvenile remarks about others experiences!

  5. Agreed. There is DEFINITLY something to all of this beyond our bat shit crazy fascination there, you A-hole. Maybe not as over the top as this article would suggest, but that doesnt matter. Area 51. Thats all I have to say. There is SOMETHING they are hiding for a reason, right? To think otherwise is laughable.

  6. ive seen a orange orb fly right up to my face size of a tennis ball ,then flew off in a terriffic speed , just liked to know what it was , never seen noththing like it before,

  7. ufos are real. you people , just don&#39;t understand what your dealing with. when you realize what its all about ,<br />the shit will really hit the fan. trust me stay away,<br />you only get one chance.<br />just sit back and watch, while the rest off them (humans)<br />wish they never did what they are going to do………

    • pfffttt dude ur severely brainwashed u gotta stop watching and reading all the alien crap on the net, i mean dont get me wrong i also think there are other beings out there but the way u put that was just stupid as if a big alien war is coming i mean c&#39;mon dude get off the crack

  8. Well &quot;The truth is out there&quot;…..after all, but if you ever meet a &quot;gray&quot;….don&#39;t stare at it – kill it immediately. Or become another &quot; missing person&quot; statistic. That advise is provided free of charge and it&#39;s all u need to know.

  9. my thought is it goes like this&quot; congratulations on the election victory Mr president&quot; a coupole of days of victoy partying and one night he, his wife , his children , and anyone else he cares about wake up naked on a spaceship where its all explained to him and he never ever speaks about it again &quot; we own the earth you are all squatters and you will tow the line for us or we will

  10. about the mass move to A51 the reason that will nva happen is simply becoz there&#39;s not enough evidence to prove that ET&#39;s are being held at A51 plus you would nva be able to get 100,000 ppl to go there and even if they did they would nva get with 200m of the base A51 is simply a military research facility for military use in creating, disigning and testing new military aircraft and other

  11. when I was 5 I went fishing with my dad ,I wandered off from him and my brothers and went into a large patch of reed grass , about 50 feet in a came upon a group of 5 grey what looked to my young mind like ostriches who were as startled by me as I was of them . One of them in the front put a hand to its head, mouth , opening ? and shooshed me then waved me away like it was shooing me I ran for my

  12. another time my mom found me in the living room at 2 in the morning when asked what I was doing I told her I was seeing if the ship had cracked the ceiling, passed it off as a dream until she made the bed and found mud and dirt in the sheets from my feet , evidently I had been outside that morning and she hadnt noticed my dirty feet , crap bothers me to this day Im 59 years old

  13. I was at my uncles cabin at the age of five in northern MN and sleeping in a tent with my brothers. Both of which were older than me. It was aprox. 3am when I woke up and saw an alien standing over me inside the tent. I don&#39;t recall it being gray by any means. In fact it was green, and its color wass more akin to a cartoon character as if glowing. It was wearing a black and purple cloak with

  14. Even if aUFO as big as a football stadium hovers on antigravity moda<br /> during 30&#39; above capitol (something lik this already happened in D 50&#39;s) therewill still remains billions ultrasekpticals. Just Get sad about them, they&#39;re Just lik their fathers who claimed earth to be center of univers and burned Alive anyone who thought otherwise

  15. Every civilization has stories and drawings of &quot;star people&quot; descending to earth in shapes and sizes and colors unknown to the observers. Many have explained this as a &quot;god&quot; or the &quot;God&quot; and have written stories to terrify and intimidate earth&#39;s inhabitants into living a life that pleases this entity from the stars, or there will be severe consequences. <br /><br

  16. I would think most of these comments about alien encounters are by people who have taken or are still taking alot of drugs. Your mind is only as good as the acid you are on. If an alien is smart enough to get to earth I dont think they would waste their time probing some crazy person.

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