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Your UFO reports: 11th February – 18th February 2012
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An UFllight over int airpoort in South Africa Boksburg – 18-02-2012 +-21:40
Photo from cell fone. a slow moving object brigt light +- 1000ft in the air and +- 900m from me. please check if it can be a plane?? I dont think it can be a plane for i am staying near the airport my hole life.
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Salt Lake City – February 18th 2012 5:00 A.M.
I looked out my living room window and noticed a large light in the sky. It seemed too close to be a plane so I watched it for a few second… Then the one bright light turned into three smaller lights and they started moving around each other for a two seconds then another light come to them from the south. I ran outside with my camera and tried to focus on them but I couldn’t. They seemed to join together and make a pretty large lit up object, then they moved West across the valley to the Great Salt Lake area. They must have gone somewhat near the airport. And it seemed no planes came in or out of the airport for a long time. (I live in Olympus Cove with a full view of the valley) I know there must be people out there that saw this too. I have now had four UFO sightings since October, and this one was different. The others I was sure of but still a tiny bit skeptical until it was confirmed to be seen by others, but this one… I know what I saw. And I would like others to report if they say this too.
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Miami, Florida – February 18, 2012 8:45 PM
I’ve been noticing these bright lights since a little before New Years Eve. At first I ruled them out as a star, a plane etc. But these were lower than stars, as they’re higher up. I could see them in my backyard, and I called my sister out to come see them. As soon as she came out, one of the lights was gone. She thought I was crazy, then the light started to become brighter, it seemed to dim out and back to its bright white color.
To me, it doesn’t look like stars at all when I see it with my own eyes. It is it extremely bright, but will dim as time passes, sometimes all the way out and appear to have moved to a different spot during the night. You can see them as soon as the sun starts to set. They look to have a three horizontal lights in the middle if you stare long enough at them, and bright outer like spikes.
Other people have been seeing other weird lights in my neighborhood that I’ve seen via google and YouTube. But it’d be nice if these strange lights could be debunked.

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Fresno, California – 2/18/12 10:30am
cloudy calm day camera sony trv-103 with zoom lens attached. around 30-50 times. object went into the clouds and vanished. heading east and upwards.
Youtube video link:
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Wellington, Florida – February 17, 2012
Saw the UFO crafts south east of us in Wellington, fl. These are the crafts seen throughout Florida and even the rest of the world. 10:30 PM
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Sri Ganganagar, India – 17 feb 2012; 10:30
a ufo was really amaging . it was not seen due to gravitation of earth. i was not alorienne my friends were also there at that time all of us have seen that spaceship. It was only 100m above earth surface. I have never seen ever in my life
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20 miles out side of Wickenburg, Arizona heading toward la vegas – 2/16/2012 9:40 pm
Its was unbeleiveable 20 rows of lights in orbit about 3500 ft above highway. Beemed then disappeared. Then 20 minutes later light beemed again for 30 seconds. Then disappeared later several aircrafts surround the area. Was massive can’t explain it.
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Liverpool knowsley, UK – 15th february 6-6:15am
I went outside to smoke around 6-6:15am whilst playing on a game on my phone, when I spotted a strange orange light in the sky so I decided to take a few photos, couldn’t see anything on the screen whilst taking them as it was dark, thought I might see something when inside. To my surprise I saw what looks like a triangle? When I zoomed in it looks as if it has vapour coming from it? But no orange light until later on in the pics when the triangle and the light appear together! Strange! Don’t know what it is? I didn’t see anything whilst taking the picture or looking in the sky just the orange light. No noise either! Light might be a planet or something that you can explain! As for the triangle just strange!
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Quebec, Canada – 14 February 2012
Youtube video link:
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South Moutain Park Phoenix, Arizona – 2012-02-13, 7:45 & 10:40
I have no good cameras to take videos with, but I swear me and my brother saw a Red Light maneuvering at angles and speeds that nothing else moves like. The Red light get’s extremely bright but it still looks very far away, and it blinks in unsynchronized patterns.
We have seen it 2 days in a row at the same time! around 7:30. and Those 2 sightings also seemed to have a smaller orb next to the bright light. Then we never saw it again, until yesterday I looked out around 10:40 and there it was! Moving diagonally upright then diagonally downright and disappeared. These sightings usually only last for 5 minutes until they vanish. All 3 sightings have been in the direction of South Mountain Park, in Phoenix Arizona.
I am very interested to know if anyone knows about or has seen these lights over South Mountain.
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Converse, TX – 2/12/2012
I live in Converse, TX. And I’m not sure where to post this, I don’t know if it was a UFO, or what. Anyways, It was 2/12/2012 at about 9:30 pm here. I was going to bed. I laid down and closed my eyes, not more than a minute or 2 later, I heard this high pitched metallic squealing noise “EEEEEEEEE!” I opened my eyes, and saw this intense bright orange light illuminating one of my bedroom windows. I mean bright bright orange, like a fire, is the only thing I can compare it to. The light along with the squealing noise together were terrifying. Also strange, I have 2 windows in my bedroom, about 1 1/2 feet apart from eachother, and only this ONE window was lit up. I jumped out of bed and ran to the shades. I grabbed the bottom and ripped it up over my head. In an instant, like a flick of the li! ght switch, everything went dark and the noise stopped. I looked and looked out the window at my yard, the street, the sky, everything that is within eyeshot of the window, and saw nothing. I immediately ran outside and into the street, searching for what this was… I saw nothing, no cars, no people, kids, anything I can think of that maybe would’ve caused this. I’ve been scared since it happened. I haven’t seen anything like this before or after the 12th. I just need to tell someone about this! Do you have any ideas?
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Mesa, AZ – 2/12/12 apprx. 7:30pm
I was in my backyard facing the southeast skies of Mesa when a large orange object fell out of the horizon line of the sky. It all occured so quickly, but the best way to describe it would be flaming plane crashing towards earth. Ive seen meteor shows before, and this was not a meteor. I also checked news reports on this state of the US for any explanation and have yet to find anything.
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SR80 near La Belle, Florida – 02/12/12 6:20pm
I was driving home on State Road 80 in Florida and I decide to take a picture of the beautiful sunset… turns out that after taking multiple picture I see the same object three times. I wondered if it was just the glare from the sun but it wasn’t.

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Perth, Australia – 06/01/2012
Youtube video link:
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Austria, Vienna – 4.2.2012 21:27
4.2.2011 21:27 Till 21:35
I saw First time in my live a Red-Orange light very very fast flying
From North to South of Vienna from my Window 6th floor in northan Vienna, Austria Thing was no Aircraft or helicopter it was to fast and high
Two days later i have seen same light in the otherway
i begon to search and found your Website, befor i having no interest for somerhings like U.F.O
And Now i have Seen all video Form your Site and found Same lights
I think N.A.S.A Know a Lot but they Never will release the Truth
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Prosser Washington – January 9th 2012 at 11am
there were tow of them one was circular with flashing green, yellow, orange,blue, and red lights they moved incredibly fast and made no soud at all the other one was triangular it shined with a strange bluegreen glow the tow flew over horse heaven hills and around the cuntry side they then hovered above my house till 12am at 12:01 a helicopter flew over head and the tow ufos started to blend in with the sky if i looked really closely i could tell that they were still there then both ufos shot straght up and disapered.
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Peterborough, UK – 1.1.2012
01.01.12 – 04.36am I have never wanted anything to be over faster than my experience in my whole life. For those who do not believe .. Don’t continue to read this because I was in your shoes once.
As a child I used to love watching documenterys on UFOs and the unknown .. Big foot and nessy always had me stuck to the television but in all honestly I always thought it was all a load of rubbish. Thing is I’m not saying I saw a UFO.. That would be to easy for all the crazy people that say they saw a UFO but really it was a plastic bag in a tree!
On the 1.1.12 at 4.36am
I was hungry so I went downstairs and made my self a sandwich and got in to bed, I ate the sandwich and laid down in the dark and started to nod off.. My right arm started to shake and I was a little confused.. I tried to get up but as I did I released that it was not my arm that was shaking it was my bed .. I honestly thought we was having an earth quake .. Very rare btw where I come from. shitting my self and trying to come to terms with what was happening a light shined in to my bedroom from my window. I had ripped down my blind earlier that day so I had a clear vision of what was out side my window, there it was.. Not a green skinny alien .. Or a big space ship flying off.. What I saw I could only describe the next day as a tank.. It was huge.. And it was going over my house.. Dark green with shades of grey and black.. With big white lights beaming over in to my room. I wanted that moment to end as soon as it started. After it happened I checked my self over and made sure I wasn’t tripping out or having some reaction to what I was eating, I checked my phone and it was 4 .36am. It all happened in the space of about 7 seconds.. But felt like a life time
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Afghanistan (SW Helmand province) – late June 2011
We were on patrol in Afghanistan, I had my NVG’s switched off because there was a lot of ambient moonlight, the guy ahead of me who had his NVG’s switched on stops and starts trying to focus his NVG’s then asks me if I can see those lights, about 3 fingers above the horizon at the time, I didnt see anything so switched my NVG’s on. There was a line of lights in the sky that didnt seem to be moving, I pulled my NVGs off to see if I could see them without them, which I couldnt. I watched them for a few more seconds and they moved down towards the ground where we lost sight of them. At the time we figured some kind of aircraft, but when we got back to our PB and asked about aircraft in the area we were told there were none, we were at whats known as Black air, meaning all aircraft in our area were grounded due to sandstorms and lack of visibility around the nearest base they come from. There were about 6 or 7 lights in a straight line and when they moved off towards the ground it was somewhat snakelike, the lead light moved towards the ground followed by the lights behind it.
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Blackburn, Lancashire, UK – 05.11.2011 11pm/1am
Found this when i looking at some old pictures ??
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Bari, Italy – 14-May-2011
On May 14, 2011UFO was observed in Bari, Italy A men has taken some photo on which she has then detected some strange objects. Intrigued by the finding, she informed about the photos the Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo (CUFOM) and the Centro Ufologico di Benevento Mars Group Campano (CUBMGC), whose president, dr. Angelo Carannante, has received the interesting pictures on the mail of official website,, and alerted the specialists of both research centers. The image analysts, Russo Del Vecchio Massimo and Carmine Silvestri, have already started his data analysis on the three photos sent by the men: on two of them. But on the third photo has been observed a flying object whose real origin cannot be explained by natural phenomena or human activities. On official CUFOM youtube channel, it’s possible to find a video trailer about this interesting UFO sighting. News updates and further information about the results of the investigations will be given soon.
The President of the Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo (CUFOM) end of the Centro Ufologico di Benevento Mars Group Campano (CUBMGC)

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Alief, Texas – 4/13/2011 between 11:00-3:30am
I was walking my dog in my apts that night and the route i always take is along side a street.We stopped so my dog can do his thing, we were right behind a street light and that was the only way I was able to see it.IN DETAIL and I always look up at the stars,this time I got lucky, THERE WAS NO SOUND,NO LIGHTS,IT HOVERED OVER ME, I SAW A CIRCLE SHAPED AND A SMALLER CIRCLE WITHIN IT IN MIDDLE OF IT.THE OTHER STRANGE THING ABOUT WAS IT HAD NO COLOR TO IT.THE ONLY WAY I WAS ABLE TO SEE THE UFO WAS IT FLEW OVER THE STREET LIGHT WHICH I WAS IN FRONT OF. IT HAD THIS TYPE OF INVISIBLILITY CLOAK AND THE LIGHT FROM THE STREET LIGHT REFLECTED OFF THE UFO,THATS HOW I WAS ABLE TO SEE IT
THIS NOT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Florida – January 2011
me and my friend eas riding home to get something for dinner when we looked up and seen a circular shap in the sky and other us air planes trying to what looked like find it. it was the first time me or him had seen any thing like this and we had heard many things up about this
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Shaws supermarket, Sudbury, Massachusetts – 8 pm 1997
Orange glowing football shaped UFO at an altitude of a low flying plane takingoff/landing. seemed to wink in and wink out in seconds.
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Glasgow, UK – January 1997
Im not sure what i am supposed to put here but im guessing its what i saw and that is one night i saw 5 round amber lights flying in formation . the one in front was larger than the 4 behind. i stared at them for a while whilst they hovered above me. then they slowly moved across the sky then just vanished. i retuned home and for why i dont know but never disgust it untill yrs later when i saw on tv the very same thing…what i find hard to believe is that why is it than people dont want to believe there is another planet out there surely it is more ridiculous to believe we are the only ones
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S Yorkshire, UK – August 1992
heard humming kind of noise like weird but new it was coming from something didnt know what at time, it was early hours in morning just befor dawn and went to my bedroom window to see what the noise was that i was hearing and i saw something weird it scared me and i backed away from the window as i new it wasnt normal the sound made me think that as i couldnt understand why it sounded like that it wasnt a plane or helicopter to low im going back some years so i cant recall fully what i saw but i do remember that at the time i thought id seen a ufo just remember now a metalic obgect, but cant quite remember truthfully hhow it looked but i was very scared, wouldnt let my husband go look thats how scared,it was about 30 foot wide id say i say that cos i remember thinking that and it was going over a feild in front of were i lived at the time,i was only young and wish id seen it now id not back away.i deff beleive i saw a ufo that day.
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  1. This is just to comment on Frik whom placed the sitting here #41. Myself was looking at this the night as I was stargazing with my telescope as this being my new hobby now lately. I was never one to talk about the allienships and UFO's as you are made out to be a crazy spook chasing type of person, thanks.

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