Iran: UFO caught on RT live news? February 2012

This fast object was recorded during the live interview with Prof. Sadegh Zibakalam from University of Tehran. Recored earlier this week.

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  1. I actually saw that on the live interview and thought at first it was a delay there end on the feed until I watched after it passed at the time that the tower light was a regular pulse so there was no feed problems…Interesting one that!

  2. 2 thoughts.<br /><br />One, adding extraneous production elements like music, sound effects, etc. make these videos look more and more like Hollywood special EFX when perhaps they are not. It is the power of sound to change how we see a clip. Do not do this it spoils the authenticity.<br /><br />Two, maybe it is a U.S. drone? 😎

  3. hahahahaha that dramatic music. <br /><br />In some different filters you can make out what seems to be wings, and a tail. Looks like a plane.

  4. The words he says don&#39;t match up when you watch the video in the slowed down version. I hope this really is real and that you just screwed it over by editing the sound in; it did make it appear unauthentic.

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