Scientific UFO Evidence in Norway

Hessdalen, Norway has UFO Observatory since 1988.
‘Fully Automatic UFO Observatory’ records UFO activity 24-7 from the early 80s:
A government funded and public UFO research project done by scientists and students. They also caught “UFO”s on video.
They say they don’t know what they are, but they can say it’s here and real.

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  1. I'm impressed. Someone is taking these sightings seriously enough to to take a look through the lense of science. Now if other people (private or government)were to try the same thing elsewhere, maybe we'ed have something usefull. Provided we share the information from such a project(s). Sharing, I guess we can count the government out. Appears it would have to be private ventures

  2. Impressive. Too bad more civlian/institutional entities are not involved in similar activities. With some real research and a little information sharing, who knows what may be unovered?

  3. One can bet that the reason our Govs don&#39;t tell us what&#39;s happening is because it&#39;s a threat to them not to us mere mortals.<br />Indeed it won&#39;t be long before we go full circle &amp; accuse the ones who don&#39;t believe of being the mad ones.

  4. If it were real then why the shaky camera? There were plenty of cameras on tripods and yet as usual a very shaky performance. It looks like a fake to me.

  5. The same phenomena happened in Patagonia, South America: a triangle shaped piece of land was removed during the 80s in the middle of nowhere, leaving behind some strange signs on the floor.

  6. The people on boulder dam saw a piper cub fly around a ufo in 1978, they have this on film. the craft left at speeds of 4,000 mph.

  7. I have seen a large oval shaped object flying around 3,000 mph stop suddenly three small disc shaped objects was released then left at the same speed.

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