UFO over Mexico City’s International Airport – December 2011

On 25th December 2011 at dawn, air controllers in Mexico City’s International Airport saw a huge object passing over the landing strip.

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  1. So many, photos, so many stories, and so many credible people telling us what they know. <br />Disclosure started at the National Press Club in 2010, follow up was 2011, and no one has said a word! <br />Go to YouTube, and punch in Disclosure CNN, you will be surprised how many films turn up of this being disclosed, by politicians, astronauts, Northrop workers. <br />The world is asleep, in a Kim

  2. I agree Jeff. However I think 99% of sightings have nothing to do with Aliens. The one sighting that made me a believer was the air Japan incident.<br />I have had two sightings myself but I simply have no idea as to what they were. I don&#39;t believe any advanced alien race would be interested in contacting humans for at least another 1000 years. Who in their right mind would want anything to

    • the thing is big???they dont want anything to do with you or any other hunan.like lets party togather,not likely.intergallactic work camps???maybe they just enough to keep mankind minning for materials,maybe its been like that for ever with only few ever knowing the truth.if they ever decide they want to party with humansit wont be that they dig your style.

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