Triangle UFO over Jacksonville, Florida – January 2012

On January 16, 2012 in Jacksonville, Florida, a woman released a video of a triangular UFO. You can see perfectly the three lights forming a triangle. This type of triangular UFO sightings have been seen in other parts of the world (like in Belgium). A mysterious presence on the world’s skies.
[direct translate from Spanish]

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  1. spectacular tri-form this one very much resembles the one i seen except for mine was white,i keep hearing about these red orb tri angles from all around the world and this is a very good example from tercer milenio-the red ones may be a form of tr-3b or possibly et – im still researching to see if the colors have anything to do with ther classification – i belive the one i seen was et- matt_bpd

    • if it is tr-3b then it would be man made wich i would think would be constantly evolving(no matter what the price tag for black ops if i know my gov) i belive the earlyer models had a(red) light in the center of the(3 white lights)triangle,ther was alot of sightings around the uk of that type(possibly brittans version)- they are prob beefing up the tech on them all the time and going threw dif

  2. this video has been removed by the user! can someone share a new link to this footage – i was planing on studying this vid some more – seems we may have struck a nerve lol i smell conspiracy – matt_bpd

  3. they fixed it and it seems even better this time thanx LUS- the trecer version gives you more veiwing time then the other vid i posted the link for – this one gives you a better refrence point with the moon in the frame – you can tell the craft is moving – trecers investigaters stated this (non morphing)tri form hovered in place – i didnt get a good veiw of it holding position but if im seeing it

    • i agree – triangle is a sturdy structor(nassim hermein made me a fan of it his work ties ufos and ancient cultures with the triangle) and with a booster or stabilizer on each point with the rite combinations of thrust that thing could be highly manuverable<br /><br />some discloser docs i seen on advance black op tech(tr-3b) had official people that suposedly had worked with the tech explaining

  4. I saw this yesterday 19.03.2012 crossing from west to east at 7:00-7:30PM<br />a fly was maybe 10 seconds and disappeared

  5. there are symbols. symbols found on old stuff. very old. how do I find others who have these symbols within them too? i have known since long before anyone ever told me.<br /><br />and then there are ideas. i have had many and they come to light. i see them in the real world as if someone is watching my thoughts.<br /><br />i am here if you have known that i would be. seek.

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