UFO caught on tape over Tuscaloosa, Alabama 8-Feb-2012

UFO sightings – This unidentified flying object was hovering above Tuscaloosa, a city in and the seat of Tuscaloosa County in west central Alabama. Recorded on Wednesday, 8th February 2012.

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  1. We watched three similar objects doing the same thing last night. They were all at very high altitudes, but bright. These sightings were seen in Matheson, North Eastern Ontario, Canada out in the country.

  2. Me and My daughter were able to see the most beautiful (Large) golden triangle a couple of years ago. reported it to MUFON.

  3. I've seen ufo's/lights in the skies over and around Tuscaloosa County, AL. a few different times. Unfortunately, I never had any kind of recording device with me at the time and failed to get any proof. I did however have people with me on one of the occasions and all of us witnessed the same strange thing.

  4. Tonight in western Tennessee we had several people from around the county report seeing lights and a sonic boom noise as they disappeared. Have some pictures from around the county.

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