UFO fleet recorded over Neath, UK 25-Feb-2012

UFO videos – Five unidentified flying objects were recorded flying in formation in the night sky above Neath in south Wales in United Kingdom. Filmed on Saturday, 25th February 2012 at 8:08 pm.
Witness report: Filmed this group of objects at 20:08 on 25/2/12 over Neath south Wales
I have a lake,river and canal all within under a mile from my home. We have bats flying over us at dusk and everything from geese to seagulls in the daytime. I have filmed or seen numerous types of bird, bat etc through night vision and all have visible wing movement and you cannot mistake them from anything else as they just look like birds and can be easily dismissed. These were and are different and are unlike anything else I have seen.
Author (timturnip @ youtube)

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  1. good find! this formation looks to be moving at an incredible rate of speed ,i would think at very high altitude but not enuff refrence to realy say that, you can def see a star threw the center of this formation as it passes over it twards the end of the vid wich i expected to see and is typical of these types of ufos- i like to call these squadrons the individual objects all seem to be the same

  2. what is so alarming and frustrating is the fact that fake video and photos are easy to accomplish with software and old world slight of hand tactics;serious inquiry becomes hampered by the juvinile tricks of a few.these modern photos and videos are nothing like the validated photos and films of the 1950's and 60's'–70's;save a few.For an interesting inquiry one might look into

  3. I'll never forget it I as something similar about 7 years ago in Italy:that similar formation. I'm not the only one who saw it…of course we did have a camera with us.

  4. I would be interested to know whether you could see these with the naked eye or were they only visible when looking through the scope and was there any additional sound that was not picked up on the recording. <br /><br />Obviously it is very hard to attempt to identify these from just the film as there is no real appreciation of their flight path, direction or the viewing angle in relation to

  5. seems as the object in 1993 also on tape and pics as they see unnown it goes wel fast<br />noname holland europa

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