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Your UFO reports: 18th February – 25th February 2012
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New Zealand in the night sky outside my house – 25/02/2012 9:19pm
outside my bedroom i walked to the deck while talking to my friend we both saw a bright orange light fly threw the night sky and jus falsh slowly and disaper in to the night then another one in its same corse pop out of no were and done the exact same thing i no what i saw that shyt waz not human it moved so fast and then jus vanished what the hell ..
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Noviglio (MI), Italy – 25/02/2012 22:10 GMT+1
My wife and me saw a red orb at 30° of altitude, going from west to the north and disappearing after we tried to do a movie.
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Fresno, California – 2/24/12
clear calm day 4:05pm 2/24/12 camera sony trv-103 on 800 times zoom manual focus. object in the east very high.
Youtube video link:
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Bratislava, Slovakia – February 24th 2012, 5:31pm
it was very nice weather outside…twilight was coming. i often enjoy watching the skies and taking pictures of changing skyline. i have my camera always on my hand. i was at home,just watching some documentary…then i looked out of window, and there it was – it looked like a levitating, continually moving stone. no noises, no rush, spinning around slowly, changing the color from deep black into turquoise and then into light green….then it just disappeared
it was moving in a height of 10th floor (i live in 8th floor,there are no taller buildings around)
here’s the video i recorded:
Unfortunately i had probably auto-focus on and my camera was not able to focus on such small moving object,that’s why it’s blurred
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Sydney, Australia – 2012-02-22, 9:00pm (approx)
I had just recently moved to a new house over christmas, and even before so I’ve always believed there is other life out there. I lived near banks town airport so it was inevitable that air planes would fly around especially at night since there are night flying classes etc.
I now live in a house where my window is facing towards a long horizon. so I can basically see ALOT of airplanes or “UFO’s”. for the past few weeks I have noticed that these flying objects have been landing in a nearby airport (not sure which one), Im not sure if this actually an airport or just a field or what ever. Its really eery since these flying objects look like planes and are only seen at night. how ever I think they ARE flying saucers or possibly airplanesdoing night courses for University students. They flash just like any other airplane but some have bright lights at the front some more than others. I understand more UFO’s are circular shaped but I can’t see the body of this flying object. Just the lights.
Hollister, California – 2012-02-21, 10:20 pm
saw 4 objects for together. red and white colored, come together in a square shape. then they all went in a cercualr motin before they all went south. they slowy faded away after I called my Boyfriend to come see them.
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Long Island, New York – 2/20/12 10:25 PM
I was on the boardwalk watching the boats when I notice a bright light in the distance, way too large to be a plane and too high too be a ship. As I reached for my camera, it slowly shifted upwards and headed in my direction. It was slow, and I noticed it had three little lights and not one big one. It continued flying over my head and was very close to crashing into a building, way too low for a plane to be flying. Quite frankly, I have no idea what it was or where it came from.
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Edmonton, Alberta – 2012-02-20
Well, my reporting has no video, its just to see if this goes viral..
I am a resident of a City outside Edmonton, Alberta im about 15 minutes away in a car. But anyway.. I See one or 3 orbs ( bright lights) depending.. If it’s 1 orb its there by itself.. tell i dont wanna look anymore, same if there is 3.. most ive seen was 4.. But why i think it hasent been reported its covered by the city lights.. and the way my balcony is i see the city crystal clear, along with whats over it.. But i know its not aircraft cause i know there direction of travel over my city, and it’s not a sattalite, because it moves to fast, it glowes in colors that i havent seen a sattalite, its not a shooting star because it stay in the sky for over 4 hours every night.. I would like to see people that are interested in ufo’s to see this post. Drive to a area where the city lights aren’t a problem, and look up to the north of edmonton.. Theres somthing there..
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Bayreuth, Germany – 20. Februar 2012
Youtube video link:
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 19th February 2012
I was looking out the window of my apartment when i spotted this bright star/light right above the Kuala Lumpur Tower. I thought it was a good coincidence that this bright star appeared to be right on top of the tower. This is the sharpest image that i can get in night mode. After about 10-15 minutes, the star/light just disappeared. Could be a satellite, could be a UFO could be anything. But it seems to be only a few hundred meters above the tower.

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Montes Claros, Minas Gerais, Brazil – 18/02/2012 at 19:50
Two UFO’s in Brazil
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Tambo International air port, Johannesburg, South Africa – 18/02/2012
On 18/02/2012 A guy by the name of Frik reported a sighting of what he was not so sure about if it could have been a UFO or not? I saw the the same thing he did that night as I was over at my lady’s friends house just located at the back of the OR Tambo International air port.
Earlier tonight coming back from the Kemptonpark area I noticed the similar light of previously mentioned by Frik and myself here, at one difference to tonight. While driving towards Johannesburg I picked the light up on my Right hand side of the road. It was dimming becoming brighter again and then disappearing completely at times. This disappearing act became immediately known to me why? As the air craft would take off and turn in the general direction of the UFO thats when it just vanishes.
Once I was in Alberton where I live I looked back in the direction of where it was before, It moved from an upper position to a lower position in an 90 degree vertical movement. I rushed to get my camera equipment because I was determent to take clear photo’s of this UFO!!!!!! Seeing that 99% of all pictures normally are out of focus or blurred….
By the time I got back out again I could not see this light/UFO any more to where it was before. If it has moved or just cloaked it self I would not know, BUT be for sure I am keeping my equipment at hand from now where ever I go and I do believe that this is one time where a clear picture of a UFO will be taken. I take it if it’s in the same area now for 3 days my chances are pretty good it will be there one or other time again….
I hope to provide good qaulity shots of this UFO in due time to come.
Quuestion? why is all footage always blurred or out of focus?
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Exeter, New Hampshire – 17 Feb 2012
I happened to observe a bright,white,large non-blinking,globe(no coloured lights)at 2:30 AM cross the sky,not moving downwards,but moving horizontally accross the sky overhead at a speed much faster than any conventional aircraft. There was no sound or after trail like a comet. The sky was starry and no clouds at all. I was out walking my dog when i saw this for about 4-5 seconds,and then it vanished over the horizon. It’s size was at least 100 times greater than any star. It seemed to glow bright white as it passed overhead. This happened in Exeter,NH. The next day I came across an article,and video in “The Blaze” of what is the very same object that was observed in South Carolina. What I saw was traveling Southward. I am 100% convinced the ufo that I saw is exactly the SAME ufo seen in South Carolina. I am retired military and have excellent vision.
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McMinn Co. ennessee. Starr Mt. – 2/14/12 and 2/20/12
County dispatch told me other reports were turned in on 2/13/12. Light green boomerang shaped object.
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Phoenix, Arizona – Midday January and February 2012
I have been seeing white orb UFOs over Phoenix for a couple of years now. This year, in January, I’ve had four sightings, but this month, February, I’ve only seen one.
A major hindrance to observations during February has been with cloud cover. What has been rather annoying is that the majority of this cloud cover has been man made, as it appears to have been mostly the diffuse remnants of contrails. Momma Nature has produced only one chance of rain during this stretch, one day of legitimate clouds.
The majority of these white orb sightings were observed while I was at work, which suggests this area of Phoenix may be something of a sweet spot for the phenomena. I have seen these at various times of the day; during my morning and afternoon breaks, and during lunch.
Most were observed at high altitudes, making them difficult to spot without carefully scanning the sky for them. In many of these cases when I’ve had a visual lock on them, and then looked away to see if any of my coworkers were outside in the parking lot with me, it has taken me a few seconds to visually track them down again, even though I know precisely where to look for them in the sky. I’ve also had a couple of lower altitude sightings, early on, which served as an initiation process for my interest in the white orb phenomenon.
In one case, the perceived size of the orb was approximate to a ball from the top of a flagpole. It was stationary in the sky when I first spotted it, and shortly after it began to move off to the north with gradually accelerating speed, like a car traveling down an on-ramp to an interstate highway. It disappeared on the horizon, not in the sky.
In the other low altitude case, the perceived size was approximate to a beach ball; off white colored and seamless. It passed by moving south to north, in the wake of a commercial airliner traveling east to west on it’s approach to Sky Harbor International. In this case the orb’s speed was constant, moving along like a bowling ball headed toward a 7-10 split.
I should add that most of the high altitude orbs I’ve observed were either stationary or moving at crawl speed. Almost all have been spotted just a few degrees north and west of zenith in the sky, with only the “beach ball” having been observed a bit more to the east of where I work in Phoenix.
In seeking to understand why this neighborhood seems to be a sweet spot for UFO sightings, I’ve centered the local intersection here on Google maps and then zoomed out to a low earth orbit perspective. With the Phoenix Metro Area reduced to something similar looking to a golf green in the middle of the desert, this area is nearly at the center of that oval green shape.
This overhead perspective also reveals an intriguing east west corridor that might be of special interest to galactic tourists. To the west, you have a bookend of metro sprawl extending from Los Angeles all the way down to San Diego, and even into Tijuana. To the east, you have another bookend of metro spawl from Oklahoma City extending down into Dallas/Ft.Worth. In between, you have nuclear power plants along that corridor in California, Arizona, and in Texas. As for New Mexico, they have a lovely nuclear weapons lab there, perhaps a few nukes on their Air Force bases, and a nice little museum in Roswell. I’m guessing that in the Frommer’s Guide to Earth, this corridor is probably much more popular than Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
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Summerveld, Hillcrest, Natal, South Africa – 30-01-2012
Hi , I have attached a photo that I took in Summerveld, Hillcrest, Natal,South Africa. On the 30-01-2012. I would be interested to know if this could be identified.It was not visible to the naked eye. It only became visible when I inspected the photo.
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Maracaibo, Venezuela – 29/01/2012 11:55am
I was in a church and took pictures the sky was very blue and one of the photos came out a picture that was not in any of the other instances, it seems a flying object, the photo was taken with a 570 lg
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Swansea – Lake Macquarie – New South Wales – Australia – 7:17pm. Daylight savings time – 17 – JAN – 2011
MYSTERIOUS ORB: This photo was taken using my Samsung Wave GT-S8500T Mobile phone.
Direct your attention to the approx. middle of the photo and you will notice a glowing orb resting on the rim of a dark cloud, you will also notice there is a similar shade of cloud behind the orb.
The actual location I took the photo was on the bank of Swansea Channel,
Blacksmith side, North bound, East side of Swansea Bridge, facing the West Horizon. Other photos I had taken within Aprox. 20 – 40 seconds of each photo do not have this mysterious orb. I refuse to believe it is the sun the moon or a weather balloon.
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Melbourne, Australia – 15/12/2011 at 22:00
I saw this ufo over the northern suburbs of melbourne,it was flashing bright green stopped and went back to way it came as it did it changed colour to bright red, i manage to grab my camera and this is what it looked like.
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Matlock, Derbyshire, UK – 26.6.2011
Here are two photos taken in matlock derbyshire 26.6.2011 1.43pm. The sightings wasn’t spotted until the photos was uploaded to the PC.

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Vancouver Island, Pleaseant Valley, Nanaimo, BC, Canada – 1963/9PM.[2004/830.P.M.
Have sent message[time=524 a.m. every word is true/other craft have seen in vancouver b.c.saw where the rivets joined the rockets, no sound again brightest orange flame i ever saw.watched this craft turn between two trees cross main the direction of richmond b.c.[a funny thing happened i watched the craft cross the road,went back to where i saw craft, as i approached said spot, i saw a light from above searching the area i looked up into the night sky and their was a chopper hovering,black in colour,no sound again blades from chopper going around that was the funny incedent because canada didn’t have choppers that were black, on the news we were debating about purchasing new choppers for coast guard. Craft came in from the west. One week before school starts=august,27-september/2.3.]Funny thing [after witnessing my first craft=pleaseant valley/nanaimo.b.c. where it sat 2hours on ground ,while beings fixed it, and seeing my second craft.i want to know more/so i started watching night sky. And to my shock,other craft,why me now i want to see inside craft, im very serious, i know lots of people dont’ beleive/well i do.
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