UFOs flying over Seattle, Washington? 6-Feb-2012

UFO videos – This footage of unknown bright objects was recorded over Seattle, the largest city in the Northwestern United States on Monday, 6th February 2012.

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  1. Doesnt get more real than this.The fake sayers are in TOTAL denial..No words………..Chinese lanterns hehhehheh no f…… way,see them all the time here in Thailand..They dont travel in pyramidshapes,disappear and move around like these–Wake up dudes/dudettes

    • Dude. There lanterns. They all rise from the same point on the ground. They all eventually fade out. The triangular pattern is just coincidence. I believe there are ufo's and we are being visited but this is nothing more than lanterns.

  2. Ok, now everyone get this, study these lights very hard, do they all come from the same direction? Let's say maybe the direction the wind is blowing? Do they flicker out? Are you getting it yet? These, as many, many videos on here are nothing more than Chinese or Party lanterns, they are like mini hot air balloons with a substance hanging underneath which you light and wait until the heat

  3. Ok, I feel like I have to explain something to whoever is in charge of picking videos for this site, I feel as though you are not familiar with Chinese or Party lanterns. So many videos posted here are simply these lanterns. If you see drifting colored or white lights, all the same size and travelling in basically the same direction, until finally they flicker out and disappear, and all seem to

    • your theory is full of none facts joe i seeen these orbs no way lanterns wake up joe. chinese lanterns only last a short time.and in the sky reach limited altitude.i would bet you are a wannabe ballons,keep your eyes peeled joe your turn will come.

  4. These orbs are everywhere. They are inter-dimensional entities. Shape-shifters,Morphers and whatever you want to call em. When the time is right they will Disclose their presence. &quot;For those that have eyes, let them see, for those that have ears, let them hear.&quot;<br />Peace!

  5. I just witnessed the EXACT same type of phenomenon with bright orange orbs floating above Nashville, TN. I took a video with my iPhone but the phone did not record it for some reason. I actually called my friend in the area and had him go outside and he observed the orbs as well. It is hard to tell what these strange bright orange orbs were.

  6. Hmm, looks like selling Chinese lanterns on e-bay could be a nice little profit earner. <br />There seems to be a plethora of folks buying and launching these lately.

  7. -ok heres my take-btw i always keep an open mind-these def fit the bill of a sky lantern and you do see alot lanterns showing up on ufo vids because ther sumthing exciting to catch,i like to see any ufo vid i can, lanterns or not, and i can judge them as i see them ill have a good time either way-with that being said -this vid is shot from pretty much 1 angle and you can use the houses below as a

  8. There were like lot&#39;s of south park looking guys there singing while you recorded this. Did you see Kenny? Is he still alive?

  9. seen the same thing in mexico on feb 04 2012.had to see if anyone else seen these orbs.seems to be more of the same around the planet.???

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