Unidentified flying object recorded over Edmonton, Canada 12-Feb-2012

UFO sightings – This strange bright object was filmed hovering above Edmonton in Alberta, Canada on Sunday, 12th February around 9:30 pm.
Witness report: No idea what this is, there’s been three of them that do this every night, though tonight only one. This was taken using a sky-watcher telescope and using a Sony DSC-N1 camera.
Author (PeregrinusHumilus @ youtube)

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    • It's real and in space, but I don't believe it's unexplained. I'll give you a hint; Rigel & Sirius.I"m not sure what the 3rd one is,as there is no indication of position realitive to sky/ground. I expect better focus and tracking control may help.

    • If you think this is noteworthy, wait til you see an iridium flair. That scope you have is a great starter unit. treat it like an instrument, loose the toilet paper adapter. Purchase a real one, it'll make a difference. Duct tape dew removers and toilet paper roller camera adapters just don'y cut it. Lesson you like banja music and date your cousin.

  1. Hovering over Edmonton? Where? It's a really big sky. I bet this sits south/south eastish in the sky. Buy yourself a planisphere, to go along with that skywatcher, learn how to use it. Now read something on astrophotography. Then tell us what you see.

  2. im also watching these three lights in North Carolina. I was wondering if they were satellites, I just get the feeling they are not..rather something that is watching us.

  3. Well I love all the Crop Circle and UFO sightings, of COURSE they are here… HELLOOO! And I live in Edmonton and I am for sure gonna be looking up at night to see what I can see… Thanks and Love to you 🙂

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