Unidentified flying object recorded over Marathon, Florida 24-Feb-2012

Latest UFO sightings – This unknown object was recorded hovering in the sky above Marathon in Florida on Friday, 24th February 2012.
Witness report: we were at the 7mile bridge just before the sun set in the florida keys. We saw a jet fly over and we took a photo. As the sun neared being set i noticed a blak grayish spehere hovering to the right of the 7 mile bridge. i pointed it out to my husband. we waited and watched for 15 min or so to see if it was a blimp or helicopter but it never moved! after the sun had set ad there was still some light in the sky we walked back to the car, my husband decided to run behind a tree to relieve himself. when he returned he said the object was still in the sky. this was maybe 8 minutes or so after watching it for 15 minutes earlier. darkness fell as we began to drive and whe we looked for the object we could no longer see it. the bridge was full of people but no one seemed to notice. I stopped a jogger passig by and asked him what he thought it was…he shrugged his shoulders and said he didnt know either. well I did get a few seconds on video ad i will upload it along with the photo of the plane.
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. please people use a steady cam for $ sake, what year is it again? oh the age for stupid dumb people who don't know that us aliens live amongst you and created you all

  2. I'm so sorry but I need to put it here. There's something I need to shout out loud. I have never been strongly interested in UFOs, ETs etc. However, since I was 10 years old I used to think about other beings, especially when watching 'X-Files'. However, I have never been pasionatelly devoted to this term of science. Until now. I saw red/orange orb UFO during this New Year's

  3. The object is the radar balloon which is fixed and charted on all aviation charts. The ballon (blimp like), attached to the ground, can go to 15,000 Feet. Reference any IFR or VFR aviation chart, look between 7 Mile bridge and Key West.<br /><br />- Local Pilot

  4. At first tempted to believe it is real as it moves in a similar UFO type pattern, but if we think again – we can&#39;t tell the size of it. So it is hard to tell whether it is a UFO or a man-made object. Has this vid been checked by any specialists? I doubt it, therefore the evidence is just that: doubtful

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