Alien Abduction of Travis Walton: The Experience in his own words

[direct translate from Spanish] On November 5, 1975, Travis Walton, along with his fellow loggers, saw strange lights in the National Park of Arizona. By going to see what it was, Walton and his friends saw a spacecraft floating above the trees. Walton left the van to see the object closely and strange light abducted him. Walton was missing for 5 days and here tells the amazing experience he had.

During the 21 International UFO Congress held in Phoenix, Arizona, Third Millennium had the opportunity to interview John Goulette, one of the people present when Travis Walton was abducted by the UFO in the Arizona park. Hear the story from their point of view, what happened during those 5 days in when Walton was gone.

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  1. There&#39;s a hell of a lot more to this story than was shown in the movie.<br />I heard that he was in an underground base and actually sat in the pilot seat of an alien craft, star maps appeared when he touched the controls. Hollywood thought his story was too far fetched, so the movie is a heavily watered down version of the actual events. Anyone else heard this?

  2. This interview was very empty to me. One fact presented was the lie detector with what I presume to be a copy of the testing results. But can&#39;t understand why the interviewer didn&#39;t address more of what we want to know. Such as more details about the inside of the craft, creatures, what happened to him, how he was released and where..mainly why keep such a worldly event to yourself? Didn&

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