Bright UFO or orb seen and filmed over Essex in UK 10-Mar-2012

UFO videos – Interesting video of unidentified flying object or orb flying over North Weald in Essex, United Kingdom on Saturday, 10th March 2012 around 7:45 pm.
Witness report: This recent footage of a very bright UFO was captured on a Blackberry Mobile Phone by the witness, (witness still has original footage on his mobile phone) who saw the UFO on Saturday 10th March 2012 around 1945 hours in the area of North Weald, Essex, UK. The UFO changes colour from blue to red and changes direction in a odd manor, the witness states he first saw the UFO hovering from his living room window and that there was no sound from the UFO to suggest it may have been a helicopter. The light source’s on the lower of the picture are windows belonging to buildings in the distance. I have since discovered there is also a report of a UFO in the same area the following day. Coincidence? This footage is also very similar to footage filmed in Ventura, CA the day before on09/03/2012 which is also on youtube.
Author (mostlyhaunted @ youtube)

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  1. im seeing alot of these blue ufos all around the world – im trying to figure out what man made object they could be – ther must be sum popular new rc helicopter or plane with blue or even color changing leds on it – i seen the one ufo sighting that looked realy cool but turned out to be a kite with a color changing led strip on it(not similar in shape to this but an example of leds in action) –

    • After checking out these vids with my gf – this one and the one after are alot more similar then i originaly thawt<br /><br />Im going to compare these 2 with the other BLU-F Os – they are so intresting i had to fire up the tablet to show the gf and she likes them 2<br /><br />Matt_bpd<br /><br />Let information open your mind not pollute it 😉

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