Chile: UFO Caught On Tape Over Santiago Air Base

At the 2012 International UFO Congress in Phoenix, Arizona, retired Chilean General Ricardo Bermudez discussed the results of a remarkable multiple-witness UFO case. The UFO was spotted on the morning of November 4, 2010, during an air parade at the Air Force Academy in El Bosque, Santiago. Although no one noticed anything unusual during the parade, seven witnesses came forward afterward with different videos all showing a strange metallic object moving at extremely high speeds.

Upon closer examination, Bermudez says each video shows what appears to be a round metallic object with a dome moving across the screen. Bermudez is the director of the Committee of Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA), which is an arm of Chile’s version of the FAA. During their analysis, Bermudez says CEFAA first went to skeptical astronomers. Despite their disbelief in UFOs, the astronomers estimated the speed of one of the objects at 10,000 KM.

UFO video

UFO Video Baffles Chilean Government

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  1. This is very interesting because during the Chicago Air Show in Aug of 2010, the performance of the Blue Angels was short and erratic as only 4 planes performed instead of 6. It was said that a pilot was sick. However, I say a video tape of the performance where a large plane of some kind moves around the perimeters of their performance area. Ironically, before the performance, there was a

  2. that thing is FAST! wow,hi speed(corvette class?) recon scout – this thing is def checking out those military aircraft if not trying flex as well – matt_bpd

  3. This is an awesome story … although I can't understand one thing. If this object was travelling at 4000-6000 mph at such a low altitude, how did we not hear a sonic boom?

  4. This looks pretty good,but I am a bit skeptical.This just seems to show the object in only one film.I would like to see the same object in all the films they have.

  5. The still shot is impressive and the flight path of the UAP looks artificial and does look like flybys.Although the object at 0:43 looks the size of one of the jets even though it appears to be father away at the tree line at this point.The perspective looks wrong to me could be a bug.They should have shown all the videos showing the same UAP in comparison.

  6. WOW. That was some awesome footage. I think the UFO was sizing up those jets…flew circles around those jets with ease and had an "out of this world" type of maneuverability.

  7. check out what they find in caves in the himilians mountains & why the government is slience about it & also block off the area…..

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