Bright unidentified flying objects hovering above Savedalen, Sweden 14-Mar-2012

LUFOS – Two bright UFOs of orbs were recorded hovering in the sky above Sävedalen in Sweden on Wednesday, 14th March 2012.
Witness report: Went out for a walk a few hours earlier brought the camera with me and my cosmic friends decided to show up again, this time two large crafts showed up in broad daylight, they where hovering over the mountain next to the antenna as usual. I recorded them for approximately 10 minutes, one of the crafts seemed to actually had gone down onto ground level above the mountain at one occasion which is seen in the video. They do this a lot and have been doing this since 2010 over our town.

Their presence, their existence and their intents remain a mystery, i have my own theories off course but i want you to make up your own opinion about what you believe.

Not once have these crafts been detected by radar by the way, not by any software, not even the airports own software..

If you are confused over how normal airplanes look at broad daylight then i implore your to watch the scene in the end of the video, where i actually recorded a normal airplane a few minutes before the UFO´s appeared in broad daylight.
Author (CosmicStarTraveler @ youtube)

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  1. Amazing video..I wonder what they have up there? in Saevedalen in Sweden..?Some military installation maybe?This is 3times now,in just around 1month.They`ve been checking that valley out the ET`s..Everywhere these latest month..Cool hhC

  2. I would try and go to the next stage, travel out to were you see them, look for any evidence that they are landing and put out some trap camera's

  3. This video is cool, the author gives a place, time and adds his own little profanieties meaning he doesn't have time to clena up or edit the tape. I like this one. I have also seen these lights shoot off unbelievably fast when exiting an area. Great work Sven.

  4. Interesting how for the last few minutes you can see a flashing strobe light behind the craft as it follows the horizon.

  5. This video just wasted 5 minutes of my time. I've seen aircraft when coming straight at you with bright headlights all the time, they are obviously on approach to an airport, making their landing run. The shining bright light is caused by the angle of the sun reflecting off the body of the plane, you could clearly see the blinking navigation lights. The plane that was filmed earlier was

    • You make several believable view points, however, there seems to be some "hover time", and planes do not hover. If the plane(s) were flying towards the cameraman, then they must have been huge, because the first light remained in place for quite some time before the 2nd light appeared– when the second light appeared, it also remained sort of in a "hover" state. It was

  6. yea u are right there is an airport 15 kilometres(24miles) from were this film was shot. Im a swede and been telling this jerk that he is filming airplanes on youtube. Hes got like 5 or more of this "ufos" on record each month, and he believs that it is ufos….

  7. If you ask me, I have been a pilot for 27 years , it's an aircraft. You can see an anti collision beacon and or nav/strobes. As an aircraft intercepts the final approach the landing lights will vary in intencity depending on your view angle and even appear to hover.

  8. honestly mate AWSOME video. dont listen to what the ***** above r talking about, but like u said its up to us to decide. well, i believe this video is real.<br />(for the &quot;non-believers&quot;) <br />1. an aircraft does not do a 180 degree landing with its lights looking face at u when the landing strip is in another direction.<br />2. xplain where the second ufo came from???? the sky is

    • &quot;non-believers&quot; This isn&#39;t the &#39;life of Brian&#39; you arse wipe.<br />UFO&#39;s have nothing to do with belief. We deal with facts and evidence.<br />Get with the programme fella.

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