Daytime UFO activity filmed over San Antonio, Texas 3-Mar-2012

UFO videos – This daytime footage of unknown bright objects or orbs was recorded in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday, 3rd March 2012.
Witness report: On Mar-03-2012 two UFO Sightings were caught on video over San Antonio,Tx… First sighting occurred as i was skywatching facing East..Clear day with no cloud’s in sight….I notice a flash high in altitued.So I quickly grabed my camcorder for a close observation..And began filming this glowing object.When zooming in,I was surprised to see this Red glowing UFO..It was clearly no aircraft..This object was traveling SouthEast high in altitude.Making it hard to get a good shot….I pan back to find a reference point,ended using the top of some trees.As i began to zoom in you can clearly see this was no aircraft.It was an extremely RED glowing object traveling high in altitued..
Second sighting happend As i was sky-watching looking West….I notice a large glowing object.This time I had my tripod When zooming in this unknown object appear to be glowing.This object was clearly no aircraft or weather-balloon.As you can see on the video this object seems to be traveling at high altitude.While i was filming unknown began to Emit it own glow extremely bright.It did not seem to reflect the sun’s ray’s,It seemed to be glowing.It took me by surprised,I did not expect to witness something. .These Glowing UFOs were clearly no aircraft’s/ weather-balloon or satellite…
Author (SAUFOTX @ youtube)

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  1. I am still very sceptical about all this but I remember in my teens at my dads house I to saw a few what looked like big jets flying low in a delta formation, there was zero sound was quite weird

  2. I live in San Antonio just off of 1604 in between Sea World and fiesta TX I see all types of different phenomena in the sky all the time here. There are things I have seen that I tell people and they dont believe me. There have been a few nights where I call my friends to see if they see anything in the sky and give them a reference point and they too see it. There is a lot of UFO activity in TX.

  3. Saw the exact object today in San Antonio… North side. I was near the corner of San Pedro and Lockhill Selma. It was approximately 1930 hrs, skies were clear. I was only able to track it for about 10 seconds before it "blinked out" (disappeared). Size and shaped identical to the object in the video.

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