Mass UFO activity over Melbourne, Australia – March 2012

UFO sightings – Multiple fast unidentified flying objects were recorded in the night sky above Melbourne in Australia earlier this month (March 2012).
More info in the video!

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  1. we seen that exact movement in the sky we told our parents they didnt belive us now scared to go outside what do we do

    • I have no reason what so ever to be scared of this phenomena. I see it as universal, kind of like nature. Peaceful, loving, nothing to be afraid of except fear itself.

  2. I Liked the video. Looks like real flying saucer(s). Did not see flame trails.(Wonder if it's the new Air Force unmanned [roundish]jet-propelled craft?) Thank you for the super photography!

  3. We have seen objects like these over Butler, Missouri, USA. They are not satellites. If watched for a period of time, you may eventually see one of them stop. The movement of satellites is much slower and very rarely evident to the human eye.

    • We have seen them in campbeltown,Scotland to.<br />I never used to belive in such things, but as they say &quot;seeing is believing&quot;

    • my father and myself have spotted something very similar to these light in the sky, I used to be a non-beliver to, we filmed our&#39;s too and I can assure you we wouldnt waste our time with a laser pen and a star background.

  4. Interesting video! I have seen satellites move about this fast, but they rarely have a shape, and are almost always seen as points of light. Also, satellites usually grow dimmer as they move farther away from the Sun; this object didn&#39;t seem to change its brightness.

  5. @ 1.20 look at the bottom right. Another, smaller object travels past towards the top left of the screen. Great witness. Keep looking up!

  6. To Ufoman and midnight observer I liv on a 100 acres and hav 1000 acres of national forest the things we see in the sky we hav filmed due to ther being so much activity we giv up recording cause ther is no ine who cares i no why ther hanging round mire !almost everynight I sit out ther 4 hours we witness something from what looks like spaceship wars &amp; flying things hav been seen by

  7. We&#39;ve been seeing things over Adelaide in the past few months as well. A bright object flying from north to south in the eastern sky. It gave off a few small flashes (10 -20 seconds between with some being bright and some not so bright) at irregular intervals moving from North to South. Then it stopped and turned back to the North repeating the flashing. Then it gave off one almighty huge

  8. I can not understand why some are in such denial. Some would rather beileve what the government and media tell us, Turning UFOs into a joke, rather then looking at the facts. There is something going on around the world for a long time I might add. Government agency&#39;s around the world have been opening there UFO cases whom alot were reported by government officials who seen UFO&#39;s

  9. Wow, as everyone said. Amazing footage. I have seen something very smiliar to the brightest object and it moved the same way acroos the sky, in South Africa…

  10. Nice ~ but i&#39;ve seen simmilar in Adelaide early in the morning. There is roughly over 2000 pieces of crap orbiting our planet presently (not including space junk),and it makes you wonder if they will eventually get out there at all. <br /><br />They have all different orbits and speeds from earth inner to earth central and outer orbits. Communications, GPS, telescopes and space atations ect,

  11. I have seen similar in Adelaide in the early morning recently, our planet is circulated by over 2000 peices of crap ( not including space junk,) in inner, central and outer orbits. At different speeds and directions.GPS, communications, telescopes .space atations it makes you wonder if they will get out there eventually at all. <br /><br />Sorry but I think these are satellites.

  12. I have been researching UFO&#39;s and all the information that comes with that, such as Extratrestrial evidence… I have come to the conclusion that the ET&#39;s that visit and have been visiting are nothing more than a civization of something like scientist who come here to take core samples to check if were taking care of this earth… Ancient evidence sugest that they look like us maybe with

    • Spelling has nothing to do with good intentions. The message WAS well recieved. Due to hateful minded people like yourself this planet has to get help from higher evolved compassion driven light workers. Stop the EGO its getting really boring.

    • Hello earthlings we are the &#39;higher evolved compassion driven light workers&#39;<br />and we have traveled far to teach you how to spell and how to rock.<br />Now lets show these earth bitches how we get down.<br />(cue 2 headed drummer)

  13. Good catch …definitely not &quot;alien&quot; but our craft thier technology. 5 second interval between each flash of light, yep that one of ours. Just an fyi to y&#39;all keep up the good work!

  14. I saw the exact same thing at dusk on sunday night the 1st of arpil over Wagga Wagga. I thought it might have been the ISS.

  15. Right now, at 2.30am there is something in our sky that I&#39;ve never seen before. It looks like 3-4 stars very close to one another and has different colors; red, green, blue. I can&#39;t make out any shape but it hadn&#39;t moved in the last half hour. Wish I had a camera powerful enough to take a photo.

  16. i saw something at night with my brother first we thought it was just a star then it started moving really fast it could have a satellite but i don&#39;t know really and second time i saw a big orang ball floating by my house it looked like a flame it was really close i know it wasn&#39;t a plane because i live near a airport so i know what plane lookes like at night and i could only see the

  17. After watching this video i&#39;ve also come to the conclusion it is not a satalite, of all the sat&#39;s i&#39;ve seen, none of them flash periodically like this main one does, i&#39;m still not sure about the smaller one which appeared first (poss: Satalite)but the second is definately a unidentified object. Keep them coming !!!.

  18. I&#39;ve seen this kind of object since i was kid in my hometown,west kalimantan,borneo island indonesia.until now the sky is still uncontaminated by city&#39;s lights and if we keep our eyes to the sky on a clearday&#39;s night oftenly,we&#39;ll see one or two or more of the object.offcourse there&#39;re satellites and planes on their regular fixed courses,but this is not the case.keep your eyes

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