Daytime UFO hovering over Essex, UK 28-Mar-2012

UFO videos – This daytime footage of some unknown object hovering in the sky was recorded near Secret Nuclear Bunker at Kelvedon Hatch, in the Borough of Brentwood in the English county of Essex on Wednesday, 28th March 2012.
This is a large underground bunker maintained during the cold war as a potential regional government headquarters.
Witness report: Whilst out earlier i spotted a ufo near Kelvdon hatch in essex.
This thing materialized in the sky, and vanished just as quick!!

Things are hotting up over essex. Secret nuclear facility hidden in the countryside attracting UFO’s?? Who knows, im going to do some exploring over the weekend and see what i can find hidden!

Sorry for the poor quality sound my camera seems to be on its last legs. Hopefully i will get another one soon, or sort out that buzz lol
Author (rob19791 @ youtube)

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  1. story seems cool – id like to see the full 3 min version and hopfuly it has a lil more run time after this object disapears-matt_bpd

  2. This is exactly what I saw 3 times in Walthamstow in Autumn 2009. First I saw this silver ball sparkling in the sun hovering above the roof of a neighbour house. When I approached the house it flew away in seconds. I didn't have a photocamera on that day. I didn't have a camcoder at the time, only a photocamera. I started looking for the thing and saw it two more times during the same

  3. This is exactly what I saw in Autumn 2009 in Walthamstow. I first saw this silver ball sparkling in the sun above the roof of a neighbour house. When I approached it flew away in seconds. I didn't have a camera, but since then started carrying it with me. I saw this UFO two more times and took pictures of it (I didn't have a camcoder at the time). The object was too far away, so my

  4. ive seen the same thing,at first i thought it was a balloon,but as i watched it i noticed it was too far & big to be a moved east slower then a plane had a orange glow was like hot dark metal with heat shield around it. this is stuck n my didnt zig zag or zoom off,it just moved n a straight path east,my co-worker n i watched for 5 or 6 min,in ahhh. wasnt a weatherballoon or

  5. Looks real to me,I mean ET-ship..If/when you tape it yourself,you must know if the moves are from a w.baloon or not ay…?

  6. EMENA GIATI MOY U8IMIZEI TA SIMIA KAI TERATA CEYDOYS TOY ANTIXRISTOY,PROKIMENOY NA PETIXH THN PAGKOSMIOPOIHSH KAI NA DOXASTI OS 8EOS:ΔΑΝΙΗΛ 7:23-27.<br />Θα έρθει κατ΄ενέργεια του σατανα με κάθε δύναμη και<br />ΣΗΜΕΊΑ ΚΑΙ ΤΈΡΑΤΑ ΨΕΎΔΟΥΣ…ΚΑΙΑΠΟΚΑΛΥΨΗ ΚΕΦΑΛΑΙΟ 16 KAI ΕΔΑΦΙΟ 13 Και είδα τρία ακάθαρτα πνεύματα όμοια με βατράχους, [που έβγαιναν] από το στόμα τού δράκοντα, και από το στόμα τού

  7. Looks just like the foil helium filled balloon my son let go back in October 2011 in Australia, floated just like the one in the video!

  8. that describes exactly what i saw back in august 09 lying on my sunbed in the garden in the evening i was looking striaght up at the stars as i generally do as i lay back i started to look deeper into the sky which was cloudless,my eyes had become focused and i could see everything clearly,there seemed to be a sort of ripple high up in the sky sort of like when you drop a pebble in water,

  9. By the way, I saw a silver baloon floating over my garden too. It was different. You can&#39;t confuse a baloon and this type of object. The baloon was floating, while the object was moving in a voluntary manner. And even if the baloon was sparkling in the sun like a UFO, it had a string visible very well… People who judge sceptically and who have never seen anything to compare it with, just

  10. march30 0857 anon, continued, I failed in describing the shape of the object in my last post,for i feel this is most mportant other wise whats the point in telling anyone. As this object desended and came in to view it i remembered it was a sphere it wasnt bright it may have been 300ft in the air i couldnt say how big it was its surface texture was similar to that of a coal fire settling a very

  11. Due to the fact that there are no reference points in this film it is not possible to confirm how big or small this object really is or how fast it was travelling and without actually visiting the site with the witness to obtain more information on the object/location, it will always be difficult to make any real judgement call on what the object was but the object does certainly appear to move

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