Huge slow object filmed over Scotland 2-Mar-2012

Latest UFO sightings – Another interesting footage of unidentified flying object was recorded in the night sky above Midlothian in Scotland. This video was taken on Friday, 2nd March 2012 at 10:05 pm.

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  1. Did you check the orbit of the ISS? It looks like the right speed and brightness. Not to say it isn't what you thing it is, I've had 3 major sightings, cigar shaped, saucers descending in a leaf like manner, bright object low on the horizon in daytime doing 10k mph, just saying…

  2. I saw this samething on March 2, 2012 at 5pm (17:00) in Savannah, Ga, USA. There were also 5 jets in the sky with chemtrails coming out of them. The jets were flying parrallel to one another. I was facing west when I noticed this same type object just hovering with no movement.

  3. Just seen something very similar over the sky 3rd March 2012 21.46pm Callander, Scotland green flame coming from the back heading towards Edinburgh

  4. Daughter said that while at a stop light…a brite lite about 20 feet in front of her and a friend..just showed up out of nowhere and then disappeared..she said 3 other cars just stopped and looked too…Warren Michigan..3/2/2012 at about 11-1130 pm est

  5. i saw a shinning glimmer of something here in california 92404 zip code looked arrow shaped after locating it with binoculars but still to far to view anything but a shinning reflection an it would not stay in focas but did not move just hovered

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