Interesting UFO activity above King’s Lynn, UK 26-Mar-2012

UFO sightings – This footage of bright unknown bright objects was recorded in the night sky above King’s Lynn in United Kingdom on Monday, 26th March 2012.
Witness report: This has to be the greatest UFO show on earth, recorded yesterday 26-03-12 at 20:20 hours outside Bawsey Woods King’s Lynn UK. Check out the Bright objects hovering over the little ships, plus see the bigger ships descending into the woods and pits. Over 40 ships seen and recorded over a 2 mile distance.
Author (TheJSB007 @ youtube)

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  1. Some of this footage is interesting particularly at the beginning, however I&#39;m afraid much of what you are seeing is air traffic above London.<br />A few military bases in that area also.<br />Good job.

  2. wow! this is fascinating stuff. I would like to know what camera/lens is being used. has anyone been in the woods to look for physical evidence? since light amplification is apparently being used, I have to wonder where all the stars are? also, no other witnesses??

  3. Yes, this is very good proof of aliens visiting our planet and I think the man that taped this footage is to be commended for his patience and for sharing it with everyone…..and not one cuss word thoughtout the whole thing. Many of these videos contain cursing continuely which really isn&#39;t necessary, so this one was very pleasant!

  4. Looked a little cheesy to me. I mean lights that bright should have been caught in normal viewing mode and not night vision. And what&#39;s with the peep hole view, was he filming through a keyhole?

  5. to me the lights look like cars and things in the distance. i am not convinced any of these lights are even in the air.

  6. This is truly FANTASTIC footage!….Sadly you will always get the odd idiot who compares you to a professional camera man or likes to rubbish it with daft comments relating it to &#39;military activity&#39;! <br />Just accept they are a FACT of Life &amp; feel Blessed that the man was fortunate to have captured it!

    • It would seem the only person talking &#39;rubbish&#39; is you Mr Creepy. I know the area well. There is a huge amount of air traffic passing from Europe to london and there are a number of RAF bases in this part of the U.K. <br />We have talked about you posting &#39;creepy&#39; &amp; &#39;pseudo religious&#39; comments before.<br />Now behave.

  7. We see so much these days of supposed craft captured by all sorts of devices.<br />This however has a few hallmarks of genuine.<br />The length of this video, (for genuineness) usually we get 30 sec burst with loads of shaking. <br />This is what 20 minutes? <br /><br />Which says to me; bar all comments above, and it looks real.<br /><br />We all have our benchmarks for real and fake.<br /><br /

  8. Agree with the comment on light amplification and absence of stars. Had a similar thought when the car headlights passed through the image field–should cause extensive blooming or potentially worse. In fairness, what is the intensifier / camera and its specs? What settings? Such info will help resolve the dynamic range / anti-blooming question.

  9. Obviously, the moving one is the reflection on clouds from a car&#39;s headlights, and the stationary one is a campfire.

  10. This is a poor vid..why use the the green nightscope that makes everything unrecognisable.he might as well of painted a picture with a stick of celery

  11. Have you ever thought to go in the woods and take a closer look. I believe these elements of footage are real but why doesn&#39;t anyone get in on the action and set up camera in the woods? Too scary??

  12. i realy like this video – it has me extreamly intrested – im sure some of the objects we see are standard air traffic the thing that gets me is whats the faa&#39;s rules on having that many objects all rite one top of eachother – im not well versed on flight regulations but that looks to be an unsafe amount amount of aircraft extreamly close together – im going to study up a lil more and see if i

  13. hiya mate i live in march been looking for these for a long time now seen some red lights and 23 solid white lights last summer but nothing since , and live in march not far from you great footage david

  14. I live in Yorkshire and the very same night my husband was stood outside in the garden when he shouted me to come look at something in the sky. It was a very clear night and you could see every star but this was a bright orange ball with a smaller white light darting around it just like the footage above. We watched it for about 5 minutes and then they both just disapeared. The day after I was so

  15.<br /><br />The ministry of defence posts all low flying events. March was pretty busy all over the UK. The helicopters in the scene are also part of support and optical imaging tactics, hence the powerful search lights. They all drop down to a confined area under fire then they pick up troops or deliver them and do whatever RAF rotary craft do then off they go. I

    • do to this coment and other similar local area comentors combined with some flight patterns i have observed on the east coast of the states since i originaly commented on this, im going to conclude these sightings to be the raf crafts you have acuratly described – over maryland just because of this vid i was monitering comercial air traffic and that alone can get pretty heavy – the planes that

  16. It&#39;s East Anglia…otherwise known as RAF Norfolk!! The only little green men will be in RAF flying suits. <br /><br />From one who knows.<br /><br />:)

  17. I&#39;m sorry, but this time i also think these are military helicopters, just watching our local police helicopters at night show a large resemblance to this footage, especially when their chasing someone, and I&#39;m pretty sure they have a kind of silence mode, as I&#39;ve noticed a police helicopter suddenly black out and go quiet before, so just imagine what military helicopters can do.

  18. from 2 miles you would hear helicopters. Stacking is much further south. So dunno. Earth lights maybe (whatever they are)? Could be night maneuvers using ground to air flares, but seems unlikely. The quick flashing ones were aircraft I suspect. The brighter few were something else.<br />Anyway see Amazon Kindle: &#39;The Third Explanation&#39;<br />BN

  19. good show from the UK.yeah your right about the need for fresh water,not salt water.lota activity around your area,be nice to setup during the day then about dark go out to location to get up close a personal,might scare the life outya to.ha

  20. Given your stated location, the references you make to the both woods and the pits, the direction you are therefore filming in and the stroboscopic cycle of the lights being filmed,,, what you are most likely filming are actually various aircraft operating out of RAF Marham, however, this can actually be confirmed further by checking their low flying schedules and speaking with them directly.

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