UFO or orb flying near a plane over Los Angeles, California 21-Mar-2012

UFO news – This daytime footage of some kind of bright unidentified flying object or orb flying around an airplane over Los Angeles in California was recorded on Wednesday, 21st March 2012.

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  1. Saw the exqct same bright orb in cincinnati ohio the other day. I was looking at all the jets around witu that same chemtrail but this object was headed towards the ground and its trail was less defined. First i thought it was a plane but the others didnt appear to be bright orbs?

  2. whoa! please listen i saw this orb thing except about 4 of them on a night when me and my sister were downtown on march 30th 2012 in the tampa bay area in florida many people did not see the crafts which were there you could vividly see all the colors and shapes and soaring around hovering for hours then zooming if into the atmosphere dissapearing i saw several orbs like this except about 4 of

  3. I think that UFO was going to or from some Underground Alien Base in Topanga Canyon. just west of Los Angeles, Califirnia.

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