Strange flashing object filmed over Sao Paulo, Brazil 27-Feb-2012

UFO videos – This unknown flashing object was hovering above São Paulo in Brazil. Recorded on 27th February 2012.

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  1. its a lightning bug lol j/k – at first i thawt this thing was cool and as i started to observe the clouds behind it for movment it seemed like it was holding its position as stated by the witness – but then upon further inspection the spuratic movment of the camera in cordinance with the movment of the object(using clouds as refrence) it would seem this object is a reflection off of the window in

    • i checked up on this vid some more in hd and after watching it again im thinking that its not a reflection after tracking it with the clouds one point in this vid 00:18 still has me scratching my head as he zooms out the object seems to jump in the frame – with that being said – if this is legit it seems to be spinning – matt_bpd -wasnt sure to begin with and still not lol

  2. To Anonymous of march 6, 2012 05:33 am.<br />You know, I happen to see this flashing UFO regularly, and it is way too high to be a lightning bug and in my case, I did not have a camera, so I saw it with my own eyes. And for the record, I don&#39;t use glasses. It iSSSSZZZZ a UFO. I see it regularly. And I&#39;m glad somebody else saw it too, so it is not my immagination. My li&#39;l son saw it

  3. There have been many reports of flashing UFO&#39;s lately. Giving it some thought, I&#39;m sure they have the technology not to be seen, so the flashing is intentional. As there have been reports that they use a form of mind control or hypnosis through the optic nerve, perhaps we shouldn&#39;t be staring at the flashing lights.

  4. Does not look like a reflection to me,I could be wrong.. I was wrong once long ago,but that was a mistake.Who can tell at least the video has a climax.Thanks for posting!

  5. wow…the explanation from the guy who comments before me is ridiculous. its obviously a light in the sky (proves nothing)glasses are called for me thinks ha ha

  6. In regards to my previous comment, I am form the Caribbean area: The reason I said I don&#39;t use glasses, is for you not to assume that it was some sort of reflection in my glasses, nor windows nor anything else. I live on higher grounds, and not in the city, so the skies are pretty clear at night, with this I mean you can see lots of stars from up there. Beautiful sight though. On a clear

  7. Drone, flashing subliminal messages. Message can only be interpreted by direct viewing. Message is lost once transmitted over media like this or other signals.

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