Puerto Rico, 1988: Man took photos of the UFO that abducted him

Alien abduction story by Amaury Rivera, who was allegedy abducted by alien beings in Puerto Rico in 1988.

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  1. can you elaborate and tell us the man with the dark hair who was showing you the projections where exactly what planet did he say he was from

    • Its not really possible to relate to a place out there anyways.I mean can you relate to this:64 lightyears strait up and then 211 lightyears you go left.We are from there!!? And so?? Did it make you more clever bro?I dont think so…And some name of this planetX,what differene would it make to u?Answer enough?

  2. aliens do exist, do doubt<br />…we should stop idiotically fear them, their abductions, and start cooperating with them, go on a contact<br />…that rock that going to hit the earth – is Apophis; it&#39;s a large asteroid that is coming towards earth; it&#39;s very big (10-14 km, don&#39;t really remember) and is travelling faster than a bullet in 5 times; it&#39;s going to come up close to

  3. Bravo!This really seems to be credible. Thank you for the story.(I read about a daytime alien visit by a man in Puerto Rico 1989?.The saucer landed close to him. A being got out and asked him if he wanted to go with him.He accepted.The saucer went in the water.He said the sea opened up and let the craft enter with no splash at all.After a great depth,the side of a cliff,glowed red- and the craft

  4. Hi: I am Keith Richard Radford Jr, at sosunite.blogspot.com and this seems to me to be good evidence not like some who would destroy evidence in federal investigations or falsify evidence because they have a change of heart by deception or coercion by others through use of our own desires saying if you don&#39;t do as I say I will destroy you. Out of the ashes returns the Phoenix so take your

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