UFO activity caught on tape over Cape Town, South Africa – April 2012

UFO sightings – Strange UFO activity was recently (in April 2012) recorded in the night sky above Green Point Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa. 
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  1. Ever heard of the Nephelim or revelations in the bible. A time of terror will come upon the earth that has never been nor will ever be again. Although this terror will only come after a great falling away of the true faith in God happens and when Satan fully embodies a person as god on earth. They cannot manifest totally right now, the have no authority as of yet, although some leaks have

  2. I stay in South Africa and there have been quite a number of sightings since De 2011, where UFOS were seen in the background of Airshow pics, a surfer saw a glowing orb fly low over the coastline, a cluster of houses on the coast also had their alarms go off in unison and a craft was reported in the area. There have also been two sightings of large red/orange orbs from various sources..I know

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