UFO activity filmed over Dallas, Texas 3-Apr-2012

UFO videos – This footage of strange lights in the sky was recorded in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday, 3rd April 2012.

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  1. I hear the sounds of helicopters in the background and think these lights are news helicopters filming the aftermath of the tornados

  2. Although the video is grainy, the footage is very interesting. They definitely are not planes, however, it could be argued that helicopters were surveilling that particular area after the tornado disaster. Helicopters, with their ability to hover, can be within close proximity of each other and not crash, unlike planes. This may explain why some would fly in and some would hover elsewhere. Also,

  3. we visited san antonio for a weekend to see the river walk and all its little stores i couldnt believe how atrocious the water smelled like rotting food does the water company think people are pigs or are they just this cheap

  4. i was driving around fort worth above saginaw between boat club road and bonds ranch there is an empty open field saturday afternoon 4;30pm i noticed 2 white lights in an upright vertical position just lasted about 50 seconds i noticed the same thing over keller parkway by aldi's around 7;30pm

  5. I was on my boat on the lake in my backyard. We seen this unexplained light, was just one of them, not a plane thats for sure. It was going up – fast rate – didnt have the blinkers other plans have. We both (wife and I) were un sure of what it was and dismissed it as such. Hmmm we said until we seen this report about it. So yes, we seen it, even got a photo of it however its just a light in the

  6. This is extremely interesting. A few days ago, (and my brother and I are trying to remember the exact day), during the afternoon my brother called me outside to observe something in the sky. We saw a single light very high up which seemed to pulsate or flicker moving from the southwest to the northeast. This did not appear to be a high flying airplane as there were identifiable high flying planes

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