UFO or orb over Rome, Italy 28-Apr-2012

UFO videos – Interesting footage of unknown sphere flying across the sky over Rome in Italy. Recorded on Saturday, 28th April 2012 with infra red camera.

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  1. Last night my husband and I saw something very similar to this bright light. My husband does not believe in anything out of the "norm", but I know that we saw something that was not an airplane or a helicopter. April 30, 2012 Glendora, California

  2. good pic always an error seems to occur there seen on a regular basis over scotland & england wales & ireland also there in our parallel universe just pop in to abduct uz humans mutilate our cattle create crop circles which nobody can really decipher. i think there messages for various species of e.b.e.s when they.ve left our universe like a calling card some basic some complex .

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