Was it a UFO over Mallorca, Spain? 11-Apr-2012

UFO videos – Apparentlly a German tourists filmed an aircraft and a very fast object above the water near the beach in Alcudia, Mallorca in Spain on Wednesday 11th April 2012.

Translation: “WOW, look at the second, how fast, how fast hes away! What was this, a fighter jet or what?”

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  1. I LOve this Video ! It makes me wonder if this things that are being seen all over the world are makeing makeing this stange weather we are having , OK is have tornatos right now that they have never had before and they have been seen all over OKlahoma !

  2. Initially I was impressed however I would like to see the preceding frames, it does start rather abruptly.<br />Having said that, the object itself on magnification is in the appropriate position for the angle of the light source (sun).<br />If the beginning of this video checks out ok I&#39;d say this guy has recorded a fine example of one of the craft that are indeed visiting us.

    • i dont think you seen the ultra high speed object that did a fly by over the big plane and from the speed that its moving its def not a fighter jet and if it wer conventional they would have herd an incredibly startling sonic boom-matt_bpd

  3. ok now this video is taken down do to a copyrite – lol – is this a conspiracy or is someone that petty – if anyone can find another link to this it would be apreciated i was looking forward to studying it some more thanx matt_bpd

  4. I agree with matt….once its posted…it should be public property….share it with the world…we all need to know.

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